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  1. Yes you mentioned him earlier, its a shame but hes not on my game.
  2. Id sell him, if you keep him his value will drop, sell and reinvest the money.
  3. Thanks, it is something I'm considering doing.
  4. I wasn't expecting to be told what approach I need to have, it was more a "How does everyone else go about it" question, not much if any money is available to you so 1 needs to spend any money carefully. Guess I was looking for advice from others who have done a similar thing. Ive tried in the past to take a lower league team up and it didn't go well, a usual trait of mine is to change tactics when it goes badly which I know is wrong.
  5. Just wondering what or how those who choose to start with a lower league team get the team promoted etc. Is it down to the tactics you choose and just use what players at your disposal for example no money for wages ? or Is it the players you sign and you choose a basic tactic ? Apologies if its a simple answer, I like teh idea of taking a lower league team up the league but I have no idea where to start, what players to sign to fit the tactic.
  6. As title says, has anyone taken charge of a team in the lower leagues eg not in the top 2 divisions ? What team did you choose and how did you do ? Got any tips to pass on ? Thanks
  7. Apologies if in the wrong forum. Any youth players you have with great potential is there a certain direction I should use so the players can reach the potential, does going on loan for a season help or does playing in the first team have the same effect ? Thanks for your help.
  8. Yes some were outside of the box (18 yard box), 1 of the stats is the team have had x amount of shots but not scored from outside of the box. Ok thanks, Ill monitor it and see what happens.
  9. Apologies if in the wrong thread. Had a similar issue in FM18 and never sorted it. Not sure if I should be concerned or not but I'm finding I have a lot of shots and a good amount of shots on target, played 5 games so far and the team has had 66 shots and 28 on target. Only scored 9 goals, just started the season so maybe it will get better.
  10. In my opinion its anything past the group stage, I was thinking the quarter finals would be enough but I'm thinking the semis would be the minimum.
  11. Ill be honest I had no idea what in/ out swinging corners were but am now educated (watched a couple of videos), would prefer in swinging corners.
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