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  1. Hi do you have any particular instructions set up for the players ? Thanks
  2. Could I replicate these tactics on FM18 ? I see some of whats been posted mention OOP which I cant see as an option in FM18.
  3. Carlf788 you mention using the gegenpress 4-2-3-1 tactic with Nordsjaellend, could you direct me to it please ? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the advice, Ive made all the changes you suggested and Ill see how it goes. Won first game and lost the second, I think Ive got some player attributes to work on.
  5. I'm looking for some strikers for teams with not much money on eastern europe eg Poland, Serbia. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi all I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice on my team as in are my tactics ok with the players I have, can I make any tweaks. I have £5m but I expect to get a fine from Uefa, if Inter make a bid for Fekir it should mean I wont get a fine. Ive made some changes from the first season in that players were sold so brought in replacements, some were signed by my DoF (Id changed the settings lol) Apologies if the images are small This is my tactics I have chosen . I appreciate any advice. Thanks
  7. Thanks. The team is FC Steau Bucharest or FCSB. The players aren't great. I'm using FM18 if that changes things.
  8. Ive started a new game amd 2 of the boards philosophies are to play attacking amd possession based football. Can anyone suggest a tactic that would fulfill these 2 philosophies? Thanks
  9. Yes Brentford are one of the affiliate clubs.
  10. Got another question, Ive started a new game and Ive chosen any loan offers to be decided by my DoF, Ive had 2 that have been rejected and 1 accepted so is it accepted if the DoF decides its worthwhile sending the player on loan ?
  11. When I say I'm new I'm not new as completely new top the game, I've started various games albeit only 1 has only completed 1 season, I just think maybe if I choose a team in lower ranked country maybe I could build a team up in a league with say 1 or 2 challenges to be champions so win the league then get into Europe. (a team I could go straight into and just dominate the league, buy 1 player and he has 2/3 exceptional seasons and I sell him for a decent profit.) I've chosen BATE in Belarus and signed various free transfers including Niko Kranjcar, Razvan Rat and Pavel Pogrebnyak. 1 thing I didn't really look into/think of was the country has strict conditions like I cant have more than a set number of non Belorussian in the squad or if I have say 3 in the squad on and 1 on the bench I cant bring him on as I've met the limit of foreigners playing. Ill need to look at signing some cheap Belorussian players and hope the free signings pay off and they sell for a lot of money so I can invest. Might even start another game elsewhere, Denmark is a possibility.
  12. I'm considering managing in a small country so somewhere like Belarus, Poland etc. Anyone have any advice/tips ? I'm thinking as I'm considerably new to FM18 that managing in a small country but choose the club might improve my chances of doing well.
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