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  1. Thanks, Ill get more scouts signed. Other than scouts and the 2 links in my previous post are there any other tips I can use ? Thanks
  2. Anyone have any tips for finding wonderkids ? Ive followed the tip here https://www.footballmanagerblog.org/2018/12/fm19-guide-easily-find-wonderkids-football-manager.html And going through this link https://dictatethegame.com/2019/09/09/finding-wonderkids/ But is there anything else I could to uncover wonderkids/rough diamond ? Thanks
  3. Just started a game with Dinamo and as I have Dani Olmo and Lovro Majer Im looking for a tactic that would incorporate at least 1 of them or even both Thanks for you help.
  4. Anyone have any tips for managing in South America ? Ive started a game with Colo Colo in Chile and doing relatively ok. Anyone have any good players to buy ? Thanks
  5. Thanks, I did search for it, obviously I didn't look far.
  6. I'm always interested in starting a save in other countries, this time its South America, just started a save with Colo Colo and a save with River Plate, which other teams should I have a go at. Peru, Columbia, Brazil and Uruguay are left. There's a thread about Brazil so Ill give that a read. I like teams with youth players with potential and facilities. Could anyone advise ? Thanks
  7. Ive just started a game with Bilbao Ive set my scouts up as listed on page 1 There's too may pages to read but whats the best tip anyone has for me ? Its going to be hard if I can only sign Basque players although I have asked for a philosophy to be added which is to play players from the youth team. Thanks
  8. That says to me H Smith is wanted by Bournemouth eg a transfer and Barca are interested in C Young. Just my opinion.
  9. When I'm looking through the under 19s and under 23s national squads for players to scout the ability is unknown for some, what is the maximum age I should choose to scout ? For example do I scout players upto and including players aged 21. Thanks
  10. Yes my bad, Dalot, ok so Ill train him to be a RB. Thanks
  11. Hi So regarding Lindleoffs training do I train him as a right back and do I have anything for additional focus ? Thanks
  12. I wondered if that was the case. The majority of the spending went on 6 players but I have signed some players on loan. Ok my next issue, Ive signed Adrien Rabiot on a free, I made a promise about strengthening the squad, need to decide where I can add depth too, if I sell Sanchez I could add to the left of midfield.
  13. 1 thing I hadn't considered before I signed all these players is whether the rhythm of the team will be disjointed with the new players coming in rather than signing 1 or 2.
  14. Am confident Sancho will sign, couldn't do it for £40m though, done it for £35m with £22m on top as add ons. Offer has been made for Lingaard, thinking of selling.
  15. Ok thanks. Thinking of selling Lingaard and PSG have made an offer for De Gea who has come to me to say he wants to leave.
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