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  1. @knap the 4411 uaing natural wingers or inverted wingers played as wingers? Oppo foot I mean
  2. What tac was this? Also @knap is the 4132 with just the ap attk tweek best? Attacking mentality one
  3. Hey TFF been a big fan for years, tho I noticed you haven't got any ppm or let's say player traits guide this time. Got any list for good and bad ppms? For example my wingers have hug line which seems to work well as it stretches play,
  4. 112All cups the better? Deciding what of the 3 to use this season for got 4th season
  5. @knap can I just ask, I'm sure you get it all the time, but the wingers do you want natural wingers so same side same foot or do we wants player trait to cut inside and use opposite foot? Regarding the 4321 blue matter with the dlp
  6. Manage the team better then, turn off any tackle harder pi when they get a yellow and at half time tell them to calm down. Or even use the touch line shouts to say calm. Don't slate the tactics if you don't actually play the game...
  7. @knap you ever though about making player filters and a list of good and bad player traits? Just to make these tacs even more refined and lethal? Big fan of them
  8. Auba 66 goals that's mental, this just by taking off the wing play and making him advanced forward?
  9. Hi knap is the newer version with bwm better than the dlp version?
  10. Any player stat screen shots? What player is most creative?
  11. Okay cool, so the CMs will be the type of player that's a more an BBM CAR hybrid? Just quite hard to find a natural CMs
  12. Hi Knap, can you explain what type of player is ideally needed for the CMs? And like it's role within the tactic, how would it differ from say a BBM? Also wingers foot preference not an issue? Great tac BTW :)
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