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  1. Hello. I'm sorry for my late response. Yes I tried, but that didn't work. Switching to an older driver helped me though...
  2. I uninstalled everything all of my Nvidia applications and installed an earlier update. Everything works again so far. I didn't had so much time to play it again this week, but I guess everything is allright now!
  3. I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers and tried to play the game with it, but there it is again: football-manager-2018-1834f1093856-has-stopped-working. The problem is in the Nvidia driver then I guess...
  4. I switched from Nvidia graphics card to the Intel one and so far so good. I'll start uninstalling and reinstall my graphic card drivers. Thank you so far.
  5. Hey guys, In which menu can I choose which graphic card I want to use. I know i've been in that menu yesterday, but I can't find it anymore. I have the same problem, so I hope this can work for me aswell.
  6. Hi guys, Since a day of two my game just stops at random moments. I uninstalled the game en deleted every fm-related map on my computer and reinstalled, but it didn't work. I read about more people with the same problem. I hope you can help me. Kind regards. DxDiag.txt
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