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  1. Tried Uninstalling GeForce Experience and the Drivers. Uninstalled FM also. Re-installed the drivers then the game. Had extended period of time without an issue then the game crashed. However the game seems to crash when I am not doing anything. For example if I don't move my mouse or continue for a couple of minutes
  2. I haven't uninstalled the GeForce Experience however i used that app to complete a fresh install from scratch with the Drivers
  3. Uninstalled Total AV, re-enabled Windows Defender, uninstalled FM and re-installed yet game still crashed
  4. Total AV. I have added the recommended folders for exclusion and will see how it goes
  5. Tried starting a new DB with no custom graphics yet after a while I got the same issue
  6. I am running custom graphics and a custom DB. Also it happens randomly, I could not be doing anything and it will just crash
  7. My football manager keeps crashing DxDiag attached Drivers uninstalled and re-installed still getting the same issue Same goes for the game DxDiag.txt
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