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  1. jimhagen2309

    Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Have preordered game as normal. I have enjoyed all the other games when played them and buy all titles through steam and feel everything sports interactive do is to improve the game and customer experience each year. so in show of faith to everyone and sports interactive and this superb game will always part with my money as soon as new game announced. i feel excitement like at start of new season for my team and look forward to what miles and team have in store for us this year. one request can we have podcasts back miss these or can we have question and answer session in glasgow or somewhere in scotland this year ref the game as always seems to be in england.
  2. jimhagen2309

    Football Manager 2017 Features Video

    I love FM and as normal have purchased the game as soon as details were announced but am disappointed with marketing strategy f fans features video was great but question and answer video looked as it was done in someones bedroom.in years gone by SI put a lot of effort into keeping its fans and customers informed but i feel now they are more interested in spending money on sponsorship deals and other outside interests rather than concentrating on core game which we all love.SI continue to say they do not have budget of a FIFA or PES but we do deserve what money we do invest by purchasing game to be reinvested in same rather than wasted on other things like sponsorship deals. the only thing that excites me this year is 64 bit version of game other than this other new features just cosmetic.Miles stated that it was revolution and evolution on Q and A but to really evolve code should be pulled apart and rebuilt again which is now overdue to make sure FM continues to be best game it can be. I will always be loyal to this game and buy each year as soon as announced in hope that next edition will be that evolution of game promised from a studio packed with talented people who i know can do this but for some reason cop out of doing this each year.
  3. hi, will scottish pyramid be complete this year with highland,lowland leagues included and will new league cup format and challenge cup also be included
  4. i hope everyone has a great christmas and happy new year when it comes roll on football manager 2015
  5. has anyone else found me jerky following update
  6. exit steam and restart client you will then find game ready to install
  7. jimhagen2309

    Apple iMac

    not bad machine but apple are releasing new processors at moment price not much different. i have imac but updated memory to 16gb runs football manager great but this machine will too
  8. jimhagen2309


    yes you will be able to download game for mac on steam as it caters for both pc and mac. i have fm running on both pc and mac machines at moment
  9. over the last few years i have enjoyed the build up to the new game with regular podcasts and video blogs every day to wet your appetite for game. but this year no podcasts and weekly blog instead of daily and updates on twitter and Facebook. this year i feel publicity for the game has been afterthought and budget has been cut. i love the game and love the build up to it coming out but this year feel its been a bit of a damp squid instead of the usual va va voom.
  10. jimhagen2309

    Pre-ordering FM14 from steam

    best way to get fm have got last 3 editions from steam and can't fault service as long as you have got good internet connection this is best way to get game
  11. have played over 2000 hours of fm13 again is better than fm12 would give it 7/10 rating as in football si trys to improve game every year and most years they do fm13 is a good game.could it be improved yes every year si asks for the communities comments and in my opinion we have a company that listens to them most companys i know don't the ME is a 5/10 on 3d but has improved on every version since introduced. MEDIA INTERACTION is about a 3/10 and needs to be looked at but again they do try every year. most other aspects of the game are 7 to 8 /10 keep up the good work si. and keep improving the game. thats all your paying customers who enjoy the game can ask
  12. i do not agree that this game is poor has faults like all previous incarnations but for 29.99 well worth the money si keep working on match engine and ai when they are finally sorted fully instead of being a great game will be unbelievable game
  13. 2989 hours and counting down hope to hit 3000 hours before fm13 arrives
  14. yep totally agree older games such as fm07 and fm09 are better games although fm12 still a good game. but has become more complicated than need be in last couple of years. the match engine continues to become more polished and only new feature i think will benefit long term gamers is add and remove leagues i love this feature. as this is football manager still think international management area could have been further improved. am fed up being told there are 800 new features when really there are only a few major improvements. when listening to podcast on feature roulette the improvements mentioned don't really wow me.
  15. have played demo looks good game and i will buy fm12 but looks more like a polish on fm11 rather than something new that has wow factor. i think you need someone new to look at the 1430 ideas which came out of your meeting as if this is the best ideas that came from that meeting that went into game. I'm sorry but as i said more of a polish on fm11 than revolution. hopefully fm13 will be. still like the game but was expecting more this year.