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  1. I'd like to be able to change the youth-regen rating of certain countries - every time I have a long-term FM save, one or two countries end up churning out endless amounts of great regens, while other countries that have a decent history of good players seem to have a cap around PA 160 (in 2010 I definitely remember Turkey being way overpowered and Holland underpowered in this respect). Since it takes 10 or so seasons to really pick up on these trends, the in game editor would be a great way to re-balance things without having to start a new game. Overall, I'd be more interested in being able to edit things in game that allow you to bring your game-world more in line with reality rather than just more ways to make life easy for yourself.
  2. No, the assistant didn't make any subs at all during the entire game. That was the problem. Even when my player went off injured there was no change to the formation and no replacement of the injured player. The game seemed to interpret 'touchline ban' as 'make no changes whatever happens'.
  3. No, red cross, he went off, my team played with 10 men rather than bring a sub on.
  4. I was serving a touchline ban, with the game telling me that I wasn't allowed to make any tactical changes. This seems to be interpreted by the game as my team making no changes at all. Even when one of my players got injured with 15 mins to go, he didn't get replaced. Is this how the game is meant to work? I was under the impression that a manager having a touchline ban in real life just meant that the assistant took over. And most assistants would use their initiative to make changes in tactics as the game progressed, including, you know, withdrawing and REPLACING an injured player. So, if it's not programmed to work like this I'll upload the game via the bugs forum. If it is, I presume it's some kind of joke?
  5. Thanks everyone. As Javier guesses, I'm just trying to widen the array of uncommon names used for existing nations' regens. So names need adding twice?
  6. I remember a few times in the past reading about how to increase the variety of names that regens can draw on. Can anyone with experience doing this tell me if I'm remembering it right? And does anyone know of files of this kind that already exist for download? From what I remember, it's as simple as creating a new official, giving them a first name and surname that aren't currently in the db, setting a nation for them so that the names are attached to that nation, and then when I load this file in the game, regens from that nation will have the potential of having that new first or surname. Is there anything else I need to do?
  7. So Riz, are there any plans to do anything about the overpopulation (actually doubling) of very high CA players? Would this be very complex to program, or is there some central bell-curve for PA distribution that could just be tightened up a bit at the high-PA end, and then all the various adjustments of nation, club, facilities etc just applied to that?
  8. Just a theory: I wonder if in addition the AI that dictates which players go into a matchday squad, the match engine Ai is being overly reluctant to bring on youngsters in games where the result seems settled. I know that that's what I do to develop them, so perhaps the AI should be more willing to do this as well. I put a thread in the ME bugs forum: any of you who enjoy compiling data might find it a useful area to examine... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/330837-Substitution-Choices-and-Developing-Youngsters?p=8299469#post8299469
  9. the current match engine is very bad at doing justice to players who have low pace. Whatever the merits of their mental or technical attributes, low pace makes them underwhelming on FM11+12. The only thing to do is to hope that the coming match-engine rewrite is sophisticated enough to simulate the difference between technically good and technically poor, mentally good and mentally poor players well enough that it reduces the current emphasis on pace and the be-all and end-all of effective play. Don't hold your breath...
  10. the game needs to do more with the dribbling skill. First of all, players with good pace and bad dribbling should overrun the ball, tread on it, knock it straight into defenders a lot more often than they currently do. And more even than that, the game needs to simulate static dribbling: players dropping a shoulder to make room for a cross or shot etc. Currently dribbling and close control only happen when a player is running, so naturally only really pacy players do any dribbling. I hope the coming Match Engine revamp does more to show how useful non-sprinters can be (how many of the best players at this Euro are mainly known for their pace?). And the game should do more to simile defensive positioning aimed at stopping fast players from gutting into space. Cureently the game only simulates one defender at a time, so a fast player who gets past one defender usually has a clear run on goal. Better AI and simulation of multiple defensive intelligences should stop this problem. So yes, basically, wait for the next ME and we'll see whether they've done it. Computer games in which pace is necessary for effective play are basically admitting that their match engine isn't sophisticated enough. i remember on the old fifa games when Teddy Sheringham would have 9/10 pace in their database because it was the only way to get him to score goals...
  11. A savegame converter, just an application that would take a save-game formatted from FM2012 and convert its format into one that could be read, and hence played, by FM2013. I think SI would sell more copies of each edition if people felt like they could carry on old saves.
  12. Dave, any chance you could do a survey of this sort for the players' ages. In my experience the smallness of the squads is compounded by a reliance on ageing players and a lack of rotation to give younger players the playing time they need to boost their CA to the level where they can contribute properly (or their reputation to the level where they get selected).
  13. Some good evidence here for something I've noticed in my game so far. I recommend using some of this data to raise it in the bugs forum.
  14. sounds like it may be related to this. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/286042-Players-Not-Interested-in-Joining-Feeder-Club might be worth mentioning the specifics of your situation in that thread, and possibly sending a saved game to the ftp.
  15. See this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/292492-Wonder-why-all-the-best-regens-come-out-of-Brazil I think some of the disproportion comes from the numbers discussed in that thread needing to be realigned: Holland etc need a boost, Egypt and Mexico in particular need to be cut down. But I think overall there are just too many high_PA regens in the game: I'm 4 seasons into my game and have done a little bit of looking at PA distributions: more than 3/4 of the countries whose leagues I haven't loaded have 7 or more of their top 10 PA players be players generated since I started the game. In the leagues I'm running (30 nations), the imbalance is less tipped in favor of regens. I don't know whether this is something consistent enough to call a bug: maybe someone with more time than me could run a long-term test and see whether the number of high-PA players coming out of non-loaded nations is Always a lot higher than those countries's PA-distributions in the original db. If so, this could be something to address in the next patch. The fact that many of them come from outside of the major footballing nations is only a part of the wider problem.
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