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  1. Hello! I would like to know what the club's edition looks like step by step. Namely ... I want to create my club, in the game I click my own club. I create it in a given league (eg, first league). I will replace it with another club. Once I create it and save the game, I want to edit it in the "in editor edit". He searches for places (eg Gniezno - as I set up when creating a club). The team pops up. I change everything in my own way ... budget, staff, etc. ... Saves and exports. When I enter the game and click on a career, I have a saved file in the upper right corner. I mark it and click on it ... When the club selection window is open, the club is not on the list. After loading the game at the beginning, nothing changes. And here is my problem. What do you think? What did I do wrong ? I would ask you to list in the table of contents how it should look or solve the problem in a different way. One more thing ... it's better to make a new club through the game or in the editor? I am also asking you to write in points how to properly create a club, edit it and save it to appear on the list of clubs in your career (or your own club option) l Thank you for your help
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