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  1. I was wondering how many different stadiums there are in FM19? We have already discussed the issue of many stadiums that don't look anything like their real life counterparts (Camp Nou, any stadium with an olympics track etc.) but I wonder if the SI team have any actual number of stadiums they can give us, or if it's a secret? It looks like there are quite a few variations, but I wonder how many, And another question, slightly unrelated. Why is it they have the right to use clubs name and even stadium names in most cases, but are not allowed to reproduce that stadium in 3D graphic form for the match engine?
  2. Okay so having done quite a lot of looking around at other matches, it does seem as though the weird substitutions issues occurs with games that are not simulated in full detail. So far, when clicking on the results of matches where the match was simulated fully, i.e you can watch the highlights, I don't think I have found a game where there was a nonsensical 1st half substitution (yet), so that is positive. There have been some games with no substitutions made, which is rare, although I suppose can happen, if everything is going well and nobody is injured or exhausted. So it seems the issue occurs in those games that are not simulated fully, that you can only look at match statistics for. I wonder if the SI team could look into that for following FMs.
  3. Yeah the assistant manager advice can be so odd during the match. Although I have used the assistant's pre match advice sometimes and it has worked like a charm. For instance, in my last game, he said to defend narrow as they like to play the ball through the middle, and advised to get stuck in. The opponent's ended up having only one effort on goal in the whole match, off target. As for player reactions to my shout, it could be that I didn't need to do it, but I think I just said there were no pressure (a few minutes left, 4-0 up), hoping they would relax a bit, and then suddenly 2 players felt overwhelmed. I tend not to shout things much in games. Perhaps a couple of times per match, if needed. I don't know if you or anybody else has had this, but whenever I tell my team to 'push forward' late on when I need to find a goal and there isn't long left, most of the team always seems to be frustrated by the feedback. When I 'demand more' however, they seem motivated. Another one I don't understand, but I have stopped telling them to push forward because of it.
  4. I tried that and I think one team did accept a monthly fee of a similar amount to the wage, as the loan offer, but others didn't. I can't remember all that but I know that my wage budget was 29k and the contribution the club wanted to the wage was well below that. If I made a transfer offer for a player, I was able to offer up to 29k, so I don't know why they did not allow it in a loan deal as a wage contribution. The only thing I can think of is that the board might not have been keen on my loaning the player, so they did not want to allow me to contribute to the player's wages if I did. To be honest, I doubt that is the reason, as some of the players were quite good, I mean, from better clubs than the one I manage.
  5. So anyone know if this sounds like a glitch or is there a logical explanation for it?
  6. So I find some of this feedback and reactions to be illogical. Two examples I have had recently. At 4-0 up with a few minutes to go, a couple of my players react to one of my instructions by being overwhelmed by the pressure, against a much weaker side. Then there is assistant feedback, that often doesn't seem to match up with what is happening on the pitch. E.g. about 15 minutes in, the assistant says we are having a lot of shots on goal but they are from long distance. Only we have had 3 shots so far, I have seen two of them in the highlights and they weren't from long distance.
  7. It isn't game breaking, but it is a bit absurd that you only have two types of hair.
  8. So again, not really a glitch I think, but something that I think could be improved to makes things more logical. Just recently I had a game where the opposition scored a goal from an offside position. The replay even showed it very clearly, that it was offside. I of course wanted to complain about the decision after the match, but had no press conference to do it in. It would be nice to makes sure that there is a press conference after any match where a big decision against your team has been made, so you have a chance to comment on it. It would also be nice to have the opportunity to reference more than one decision, as there are often a few mistakes made by the referee in a match, yet you tend to only get asked about one mistake. There is also something I have seen that doesn't make much sense. You will sometimes see that a manager has complained about a bad decision costing his team, even when they were 5-0 down and had an offside call made on one of their goals in the 85th minute.
  9. Don't get it, why wouldn't people want the 3D match engine to look as realistic as possible? Why always shoot down or mock those who suggest improvements?
  10. Oh I didn't realise you could set the amount of detail for tournaments.
  11. So I started a topic on this in the match engine thread, but I can't seem to respond to that thread now (is it closed?), although to be honest, I don't this is an issue with the match engine. It's about weird substitutions. Usually players being taken off in the 1st half for no reason (no injury, no poor performance, no red card to another player etc.). Unfortunately I can't do PKMs for this as it seems to take place in matches my team don't take part in, and those matches are not fully simulated. Here is one example from the European Super Cup final. Benzema taken off in the 37th min for no apparent reason. I also don't know why it wasn't fully simulated, as it is the Super Cup, also between two Spanish teams and I have the Spanish league as one of my leagues playing in full detail.
  12. So as was suggested for me to do, could we actually give players with long hair, long hair please. Could we also have a few more hair types for players for the 3D match engine. So far I haven't seen any other than short hair and bald.
  13. Every Man City player in that screenshot seems to be black. Is more than half the Man City team black? Seems like some weird glitch.
  14. I haven't played FM16, but it sounds great if what you say is true. I wonder why, rather than advancing, they have gone backwards with this. Was it only FM16, or did FM 17 also get this right and then from FM18 for some reason it went downhill? To be quite honest, speaking in general, this is the reason I was skeptical about the 3D match engine in the first place. As soon as I knew they were going to do it, I thought 'why'? The 2D match engine was improving year after year and if they had concentrated only on that, perhaps it would be amazing by now? The first two problems I could see with a 3D match engine, before it was introduced, was stadiums looking like their real life counterparts and players looking like they real life counterparts. Again, not expecting amazing graphics with players that look almost identical to the real thing, but at least to generally resemble them from a distance. Having seen so many stadiums that do not look anything like their real life counterparts, as well as players, it just reiterates to me that there was no need to go 3D. For me personally, yes, having a player who has long hair in real life, not having it in FM, or seeing a bald Nainggolan, because they don't know have the mohawk hairstyle in FM, is frustrating, not the most frustrating thing for sure, but frustrating nevertheless.
  15. So? If they can match the right skin colour, why can't they match hair length?
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