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  1. Oh a couple more negatives. - During my friendly, Virgil van Dijk, who was playing for the opponents Liverpool, became overwhelmed by the pressure (in a friendly). Within a few minutes and with Liverpool winning, in a friendly I would like to repeat, the entire Liverpool team became overwhelmed by the pressure. Huh? - Transfer offers for you players. You still get 4 or 5 offers that are exactly the same from different clubs, and often (too often) non negotiable.
  2. Played a couple of friendlies in the demo. Thoughts so far. Positives - General play seems a bit better in the match engine. No constant blocked crosses and shots and most of the action doesn't seem to come from the ball being pinged about and then crossed in from the wings, so that's good. - Setting up a system of fines for missed training, going AWOL etc. is much needed. Negatives (there are more of these) - Players still only have short hair or are bald. Witsel is a white man with short hair. It's absurd. - The stadiums still do not look any more realistic. I know, licensing issues, but an olympic track, copyrighted? Come on. - I am not noticing these different body structures that the players are supposed to have. The managers look better though. - Penalties. It has been mentioned I think. 2 penalties in one of my friendlies, and the player didn't fall over in the box for either of them. When was the last time IRL a ref gave a penalty if a player stayed on his feet? - Sound is completely out of sync. No cheering when a goal goes in, but then on the reply, loud cheering. Huh? - While the match engine is generally a bit more varied, it often seems like players just run through others at times. Verdict Not likely to buy game.
  3. Anyone? I know people are preoccupied with FM20 and the beta for that, but anyone remember seeing a driven free kick, rather than a curled one?
  4. I remember a long time ago somebody wrote a comment on a forum talking about how much they enjoy CM (I think that it was still CM at the time) but they struggle to find the time to play. I think they wrote that they are lucky if they can get an hour in each day, and someone replied 'an hour each day? Shame on you. It takes 2 hours just to pick and set up your team for a match.' Seriously though, I also don't have the time to play it for hours every day. Some days I might get 2 or 3 hours in. Others, if I have a day off, perhaps a few more, but then there are also days I can't play it. I do always play the full version though, as I like to have as much detail as possible, because I want it to be as realistic as possible. I play each game with extended highlights, at normal speed, so a month to complete a season is standard for me.
  5. I can't quite believe we have a thread (with so many replies) on people speculating when the beta version will be released.
  6. Mine is a mix of trying the demo and waiting for opinions on this game. I don't think I will buy this year, as I tend not to get a copy every year, and I have FM19. It would have to take quite a leap from FM19, rather than just a big update, for me to buy.
  7. What is the record amount of times your team has hit the woodwork in one match? Mine is 5 so far. I love the press conference question after too. 'You've previously seen your team hit the woodwork an inordinate amount of times, and remarkably, it happened again'. No, not so remarkably actually.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has seen a free kick that wasn't curled around the wall? For those that clear the wall and are shots, rather than crosses into the box, it always seems to be curled at goal, from my players and the opposition players. I don't think I have seen an attempt to just go for power.
  9. Sometimes transfers happen in FM that you have seen occur IRL, and I think those are really cool moments, because it brings home just how realistic FM can be. Name some of the managerial or player transfers you have seen in Football Manager, that also happened in real life. I haven't had many, although I probably haven't put as many hours in as some. In my current save, where I am currently in the 2nd season, Hazard moved to Real Madrid in the summer after the 18/19 season, and in the winter transfer window of 19/20, Ndombele moved to Tottenham.
  10. Ok so another post that's going to make it look like I have a hair obsession. I was having a look in the editor and editing a few skin tones and hair colours, when I noticed that players tend to have their hair set as unknown. That means their hair is randomised? Only bald players have their hair set to bald, but other players, with long or even short or medium hair, have it set as unknown. I wonder why that would be? Why can't a player who has short hair just have it set as short? Also, you can set the ethnicity of a player in the editor. Does this make a different though? So if I set the ethnicity of a player to black African heritage and give him short hair, will he have a different type of hair to that of a white player whose heritage is set to Northern European?
  11. Yes in the editor there are players from Astana who have been greyed out in my save, even though I set Kazakhstan to have all players from top teams and teams in European competitions. So they are there. Weird. I suppose when I play again I will have to set it to just 'include all players from Kazakhstan' and see if it makes a difference.
  12. Would love this janrzm, but can't see it happening unfortunately.
  13. Yes the retirement happen. It isn't about the early announcement, it's that it was announced for November. I have seen it happen a few times now.
  14. Ok this might be a bit of a niche area, but here me out. So as I suspect most of you, like me, want as much detail and realism in FM as possible, so it really feels like a simulation. This means, if possible, I really make sure to try to avoid playing against teams with no or very few real players in their squad, because then any victory for my side just doesn't feel like a true victory. Now my Mac isn't powerful enough to run such a massive database, so I tend to choose a few leagues, and then with the rest of the countries, I make sure to at least have the players from the clubs I might meet in European competitions at some stage. I am aware some nations have got less detail than others, but I was looking at Astana just recently, and found it surprising that they only had 4 real players in the squad, with the rest greyed out. Now before starting my save, I selected Kazakhstan to have all players from top clubs and all players from clubs in European competitions. That gave me 90 players from that nation if I remember correctly. Astana are easily the most prominent club in Kazakhstan, and even competed in the CL not long ago. Right now they are in the EL group stage. If only 4 real players showed up in the squad of the top team in Kazakhstan, I wonder who on earth the other 86 players based in that nation are playing for? It doesn't seem to make any logical sense. You would think the top club in a country would be the most likely to have all of the vast majority of its squad in FM.
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