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  1. Well that's rather daft. I am quite sure this is something a lot of people on here didn't like in the ME, as well as the way penalties were taken.
  2. That is a shame because I suspect most users here don't have machines capable of playing than many playable leagues. I normally select a handful of playable leagues and a handful of view only ones. I also noticed that while there are much less transfers in view only leagues, but still some, manager movements are practically non existent in them. I am in the later part of the season and was looking at the manager movements in different nations. There has been quite a bit in the playable leagues. All the view only leagues have had zero.
  3. Well yeah, one of my guys got a 9.7 while resting all week. He should do very well if I need him to sit on the bench.
  4. I can't remember ever seeing one given in real life to a player who stayed on his feet in the penalty area (even if he was being pushed or kicked). Yet in FM you see quite a lot of it. Is that still the case in FM21 or do players actually go down in the box? What about penalty kicks? Do they look any better?
  5. So FM21 players, could any of you tell me if editing of player appearances in pre-game editor is anymore advanced? Are there more hairstyle options?
  6. Goalkeepers getting injured in games or receiving red cards should be fairly rare occurrences anyway, so it's good we don't see them often. I'm sure people would be complaining if their goalkeeper got injured or sent off 4 or 5 times in a season (unless he was particularly aggressive or injury prone, and in that case it would be an issue with that particular keeper).
  7. This isn't a major issue, but something I have brought up in the past and wonder if this has been improved in FM21. In training, you are not (or were not) able to put the entire squad on holiday with the click of a button. In the summer they would normally go on holiday anyway, and return for pre-season, but in the winter in some leagues, if they have two or three weeks without a match, they'd often still be training, so I'd try to give them a break. The trouble is, you can't just set all of them to be on holiday until a certain date. You can do it individually, but that takes a bit
  8. I've not seen it. I have a player now who has the trait 'likes to knock it past his opponent' but I haven't seen him do it once during a match. He does use his pace take on defenders, but no knocking the ball past them.
  9. This is a topic I have discussed with people here before. The match ratings for players are very odd at times. For instance, a goal brings a players rating right up, even if they have not played well. That goal, even if they don't do much else for the rest of the match, keeps their rating high. I also notice teams in general tend to have higher or lower ratings together. Of course there can be many instances where that happens in real life. Generally if a team is playing well, it is because most of the players are doing their job well, and vice versa if they are playing badly. Howeve
  10. From my FM19, I've had goalkeepers injured in training. I've seen goalkeepers transfer to other clubs. I've seen goalkeepers dropped from starting line-ups too. I've had a goalkeeper get booked in a match (for time wasting I think) although not receive a red card (doesn't mean it hasn't happened in other games). So the only thing I have not seen is a keeper get a red card or get injured in a match. As for the last point, I have not played enough years in any save to be able to check that.
  11. One thing I have noticed, and I haven't had the chance to play FM21 so do let me know if this has been improved in the current ME, is that there is a real focus on team play but less focus on individual ability. Of course that isn't to say that if you have a better individual player they won't perform better in a position than another, but I have noticed it particularly when attacking. Almost all the goals you score tend to be team moves. That's good that your team puts together good moves, but have you ever seen a player with tremendous pace and acceleration attributes knock a ball past a def
  12. Yes exactly, and how long we are able to buy a game before the license expires. When a FM game is released, the previous version is still possible to purchase for a while, but for how long I wonder? There seem to only ever be two versions of FM available to get, the current one and the previous one (at least for some time).
  13. Ah so I can upgrade if for free? That's good. I was thinking, the Mac I have isn't that old so it would be shocking if it was already out of date and I'd have to buy another. Does upgrading it potentially mess up things I could do before or prevent me from playing previous FMs?
  14. @vukigepard what version is that in? Thanks @Junkhead. I know some people have said when they want to be sure of success they just use Gegenpress. They basically feel it is pointless to think up a formation and style to play, when you can just choose Gegenpress and be sure to get wins. I certainly remembered this being complained about in FM20, but wondered if it was the case in other versions.
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