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  1. Aaaah. So the lower the reputation of these leagues/clubs, the less transfer activity they have, unless you have the leagues loaded. Can I confirm if having them as a background league helps in that respect, and does having a lot of background leagues slow your game down as much as having full leagues loaded?
  2. Three years into my save on FM19, I decided to have a look at some Polish clubs to see how their squads have changed in those three years. So I am not actually running the Polish league (not in background either), but I'm also not running the French ligue, and yet for some reason, none of the Polish clubs seem to have made any transfers in those 3 years. Their squads looked almost the same as when I started, except for perhaps having a few young players brought into them from youth teams. I mentioned the French league, as I am not running that (not in background mode either) and those teams have bold and sold many players, as they should have. Does FM just ignore little teams from little countries and cause them not to be active in transfers? Does it help to have them in as a background league and does that slow down the experience much, as it does to add more leagues in full?
  3. You have any examples of this you can share Carambau?
  4. Is that a difference though? Didn't that happen in FM19?
  5. In FM19 we discussed how the manager a team has doesn't seem to make much difference to the quality of the team. I.e. if a top manager takes charge of a, let's say, not so big club, or nation, that team starts to play better. Has this been improved in FM20 or is it the same?
  6. Hmmm, this is the 2nd time SI have completely ignore this question. The only reason I can think of is, there really aren't that many variations of stadiums in this game and they don't want to admit it, keeping the illusion alive by giving them different colours.
  7. Agreed. When people post screenshots of stats showing they have an average throughout the season of 3 woodworks per match, that isn't them just remembering those games where they hit the woodwork a lot.
  8. Hmmmm, second time the question has been asked and once again, the SI team are very quiet. Somebody over there must know. Let me ask a slightly different question then. How do SI go about creating the stadiums? By that I mean, from what I can see, they seem to have some square/rectangular structured grounds, that you may find more of in England for instance, and some circular/oval structures, particularly noticeable in seating area in the corners of pitches when you play in one, that you might find more of in Europe. How about seating? Do SI create a bunch of 5000 seater stadiums, 10000 stadiums, 15000 seater stadiums etc. Or do they only go up in 10 thousands i.e 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 etc? I doubt they go up in one thousands. There definitely aren't that many stadiums. Do they then assign each of these stadiums with the correct colours to a particular club that has the nearest amount of capacity to it? I.e. a club with 22000 seats would get a 20000 seater or a club with 78000 seats would get an 80000 seater etc. and then if the colour of their stadium's seats in real life is red, then it would obviously be red in their in game stadium too. I think I once saw somebody on here write that the game doesn't generate stadiums with less than 10,000 seats. Is this true? So even if you are coaching a very lowly club with only, say, a 2000 capacity stadium in real life, in game it would get a stadium with a 10000 capacity? I am very curious about how this works. Perhaps a member of the team could enlighten us, or perhaps somebody who plays knows, or one of the researchers?
  9. Actually having had a think about it and seen some of the replies, bonuses disappearing while on loan makes the most sense. Any bonus you agree is based on what the player does at your club, not at another. So the loaning team would pay that player's wage, or part of it (whatever is agreed) but any goal bonus or other bonus payment isn't counted while he is on loan. Exactly. Why would he want compensation? I know players can be greedy, but more often than not, the players loaned out wanted to go on loan. If he isn't playing at his current club, he isn't getting any of the bonuses anyway, unless he has an unused sub bonus, that I personally think is one of the most absurd ones that exists and never offer it is any contract. As mentioned above, he would probably be happy to get playing time.
  10. I don't think it is a fair argument. Normally we notice things if they occur enough times to notice them FrazT. I'm sure if I had one game where the woodwork was hit 4 or 5 times, but that didn't happen again for a while, I would forget about it, but it happens over and over.
  11. I remember I started a topic some time ago asking how many different types of stadiums there were in FM and never received a reply. I understand how stadiums are generated and how you might often see many teams with the same stadium (just different colours) because they don't have the licenses to produce real stadiums, but I was wondering if SI would at least give us a rough number of how many different types of stadiums there are in game?
  12. Well it would seem daft if you sign a player to a contract where he gets a bonus per appearance of goal scored for your club, then goes off on loan and you still have to pay that bonus when he plays for or scores a goal for the club he is on loan at. Why would you pay it if you are not benefitting from it? I would think if the club loaning him is agreeing to pay the full wage, they basically pay him whatever is in his contract, including bonuses for goals etc. while he is there. Having said that, I agree with the above, it would be interesting to experiment with this and see, because I am not completely sure.
  13. As mentioned above, in FM19 it was an issue. The woodwork would be hit so many times in some games that hitting the woodwork didn't feel as agonizing as it does in real life. I was wondering if this was continuing to happen now. Seems some people are saying it does and some that it doesn't.
  14. An interesting theory, as when I drop the tempo and pressing I still tend to keep a positive mentality, so the team continues to attack. With the league won, I decided to experiment a bit with this and see if being more defensive slows down the rate my player's condition goes down. Not only did I slow down the tempo and get them to stop their counter pressing, but I also went to a more conservative defensive style of play. Unfortunately I saw no change. It seems player's conditions were still falling at a similar rate to when I was getting them to play attacking football, press high up the pitch and play at a higher tempo. The only thing that tends to make a difference and cause player's conditions to fall at a slower or faster rate seems to be the amount of games they play in a space of time. So for instance, one of my midfielders had a match 3 days ago, but another midfielder was rested for that game. Their conditions were similar at the start of this match (the one who was rested had a couple of percent more) but during the match the condition of the player who played a few days ago did seem to drop considerably quicker than the one who didn't play. This is good, as irl I think the effects of a previous match would also start to take its toll on a player, particularly if they played 3 or 4 matches in a short space of time. Of course it is also quite possible that natural fitness levels play a part in this too. Players who have a higher score here might be able to endure more and have their conditions drop slower. Also players in midfield positions tend to have their conditions drop quicker than defenders, also like irl, where defenders rarely need to be substituted. It's a shame pressing less and slowing tempo down doesn't seem to help preserve player conditions though. A team pressing for the whole game should have their conditions dropping much faster than if they don't.
  15. Okay but whatever the intensity, surely less pressing and slower tempo would bring it down, no?
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