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  1. Ive used inside forwards in that position & worked well but it may be a key position yes - i ll update post
  2. Nice result to win 3-0 including 2 missed penalties. Im doing serious damage with dortmund now so works very well with strong teams too!
  3. Its worked with genoa who were a smaller team! It should work if players match roles well! Good luck and let me know how it goes!
  4. U need to give me more than that to work with! Who are u playing as & what match stats did u get in those games?
  5. Just finished 5th with genoa, 10 points off title, won the italian cup though & both manager of year awards. Just got my big managerial move to Dortmund so will be aiming for german title this season after heavy squad rebuilding this summer! hows other ppls season going with my tactic?
  6. Good wins early on, ive not yet tried it with a strong club team so hope it stands up to 3 striker formations away better than my poor genoa team!
  7. Im half way through my genoa first proper season, just off the top but juventus team too good but i ll give them a title challenge. Not bad for a club that finished 14th last year & brand new squad on 800k wage budget!
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