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  1. Also, what's the difference between the 442 home and away tactics? Thanks
  2. Is this the best performing tactic so far? I am trying your assymetric pilgrim tactic with Spurs and its doing very well so far (although only a couple of games in).
  3. Thanks Knap. Is this an extra update to the full game release which came out last night? What's the ref no and I'll check. It says I'm currently running 20.1.2.
  4. Apologies if this is a dumb question but what is a / the "hotifx"? Thanks.
  5. ME looking a lot better to me. Thankfully. Knap initial thoughts on ME?
  6. Please tell me you're seeing less super keepers and less hitting the post and less dribbling the ball basically into the post and then shooting from an acute angle when there was an easy square ball on!
  7. Upload the tweaked version. Also what type of striker should go in the CF role vs the other two?
  8. Yes makes sense. What type of player and which side footed do you think works best in the winger roles?
  9. OK thanks. Re get stuck in - was this because you were getting red cards?
  10. Also, one of my centre backs just got sent off and I left it as two at the back and we carried on playing really well. So I'm now going to try replace a centre back with an AMC. Have you tried that?
  11. It's doing well for me too in test. Do you ever change mentality / have you tried with different mentalities? I've just jumped from fm 2012 to fm 2020 (big difference!).
  12. I've taken a look in there but can't see anything that this would fall under!
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