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  1. Fair play to you pal for noting this. Which other tactics on the forum would you recommend in addition to your tactic set and why? (sounds like a question from Blind Date hahah).
  2. Do you have AML right footed and AMR left footed? Going to give this a test.
  3. Just started giving fighter v1 a go. One initial observation is that where the opposition employ an AML and AMR, my wing backs get done out of position every time and the AML/AMR are given free rein. I'm sure you did, but wondering whether you played around with full backs instead of wingbacks? If so what was your conclusion? My only question re the tactic tips in terms of player requirements is in relation to the wingers. Where you say left winger needs to have at least a fairly strong left foot whereas the right winger must have a very strong right foot, does that basically mean you employ a right footed left winger who will cut inside (as long as he still has a good left foot) and on the right always a traditional winger? If so, presumably this could be mirrored the other way round or is there a specific reason it's the AMR that has to be the traditional winger? Thanks!
  4. The original tactic did really well for me both with a good Newcastle squad and Bolton first season.
  5. It's going well. Dominating almost every game, but frustratingly not winning as often as I'm dominating (which is almost every game). I think my front two aren't up to it plus I'm wondering whether one of the front two should be a slightly deeper striker. Did you play around with different striker roles?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Well I've started a save with my beloved Bolton Wanderers and will report back how it goes! If I'm able to bring in higher quality players on frees and loans it may mean it's not really a fair test in League One, but will see how it goes. I have set myself a loose target of finishing 6th (nothing like being ambitious with a 12 point deduction and no cash!).
  7. Great write up. Do you recommend a left footer on the left wing and a right footer on the right wing? What type of player do you recommend for each wing position? All the other positions I think I know what is required. What is the thinking behind having one winger and one full back sit narrower? As the DCs are set to stay wider, do you find yourself leaving a hole in the centre of your defence? Did you ever set the two MCs to stay wider too?
  8. Summary comment on the final iteration....? What formation are you working on with the new project?
  9. Thanks for replying. So we're clear that chances described as CCCs in the stats are not actually (for whatever reason) often true CCCs? If so I'll ignore the stat. The problem in previous years was the opposite - what visually (do to a poorly evolved visual representation of what was going on under the good) looked like CCCs were in fact not. Is it generally thought that this is no longer the case? I've basically gone from FM 2012 to FM 2020....!
  10. Hi All I'm aware that on many versions of FM in previous years it has been all too easy to create clear cut chances (or at least what looked like clear cut chances before the introduction of the CCC stat). So much so that, users often got annoyed that they were creating so many but only scoring say one or two. However, on this year's version (at least on 20.4 patch, I haven't played since Christmas so just updated), I am seriously struggling to create just one or two CCC and half chances. So I'm posting to find out if it's a known issue or if not (and therefore it's my tactics and/or players) to get some help to start creating to some. I'm playing a 433 and dominating almost every game in terms of possession and shots, but I'm not creating clear cut chances. Thanks
  11. I haven't had an issue with fouls. But I am getting hit with balls over the top.
  12. Trying this and it's looking very promising so far both in terms of results and performance!
  13. Knap can you ask M L to test the following tactic. Ive been using it and it seems very good. https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/mass-attack-imperator-by-ad1990.46/
  14. please could you link to the download and also post your best starting 11? Thanks!
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