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  1. I've taken a look in there but can't see anything that this would fall under!
  2. Anyone?! This is the first game I've ever played through steam so am a bit clueless!
  3. Seems to have happened since it updated to patch 12.2. I click the "play" button within Steam and it says the game is launching but then it doesn't in fact launch. Also, I've noticed Steam thinks there is "no connection" despite me being connected to the internet, not sure if that is relevant or not though. I'm on a MAC and had previously been running the game through Steam with no issues. Can anyone help please? Thanks!
  4. Do you have any tips then about finding the best young players (I assume that's what you meant then with scouting army). I have a million scouts but don't really do much with them. What do you set their assignments to? Would be really useful to know. Also, it might be just me but I get like a million news items each day, which I just don't have time to read, so I just hold space bar down and zip through. Is there any way to sort this!? Consequently, I only end up buying players on the rare chance that a really good player is transfer listed at a decent price. I know this isn't sustainable as my players age so any help gratefully received! I never find good young cheap players, I only ever get them for say £5m the season after another club has got them for £500k! I should say though that I like to keep it semi-realistic in the sense that I wouldn't want to buying lots of players purely for the fact of selling them on for a profit later, as I don't think this reflect real life, at least not with the big clubs, I like to get top players in and keep them for either their entire career, or at least 3 - 5 yrs until say 31 and then still get a decent sale price for them Thanks for your help! One good thing about my thin squad (only 16 players!) is that my wage bill is still quite low - £600k p/week, despite having top players. This combined with me not buying anyone for a while has allowed me to build cash reserves of £100m. This will prob rise to £120m by end of this coming season. I'm hoping this cash reserve plus say a £60m naming rights deal will allow the club to self-fund a new stadium, then I think I can hold out one more season after that to build up a cash buffer, and then will need to start buying players again!
  5. is that £4m TOTAL sponsorship per year? Or just Stadium!? Sounds very low. Most of my deals are only 1 or 2 years in length so they keep going up each time and additional deals keep getting added on. I wonder if this kind of thing has something to do with the Chairman's business stat or whatever the full name of it is?
  6. I'd be happy with 50k and expandble to say 65k as long as the Stadium itself didn't cost a fortune. Currently our reputation is "Continental", but we are 2nd in the Premier League in terms of rep, second only to Manure who remain "Worldwide". So I'm hoping that this season, assuming another Premier League title, one of the domestic cups, and maybe going a bit deeper in Champs Leage say querters finals, hopefully that should nudge our rep just into "Worldwide", at which point (assuming the Board don't do it of their own volition), I'll whip out the stadium request. Would be really interested to hear (and/or see if you can post screenies) of your history / experience with the stadium, sponship revenue, merchandising revenue, feeder clubs etc with Bolton etc I'm currently entering 2016/17 season and turnover is around £175m, with annual sponsorship of £25m and annual merchanding of about £9m. To be honest, I thought I would have more income from sponsorship and merchandising now but £34m a year combined isn't to be sniffed at I supposed. I'm hoping that once I get a new stadium there will be a nice new chunky stadium sponsorship deal announced, and that once I get to "worldwide" club rep that other sponsorship deals will start to ramp up as well as merchandising. I've currently got a US feeder club and an Asian feed club - how many does the game allow you to have maximum?? BiggusD - what's Bradford's rep in-game? What number are they ranked in the rep league for the Premier League clubs? We have won Premier League 3 times in a row now, FA Cups and League Cups most seasons and the Uefa Cup on year too, and all my players are either Continental or Worldwide rep, so am hoping the new stadium could be more towards the 55k! fingers crossed!
  7. Have a read of this:
  8. can you provide a link to the topic? thanks
  9. Hopefully if I get improved Corporate Facilities with the new stadium that hopefully will be coming soon this should bring in some extra wonga. Is the bizarre "non-footballing costs" still plaguing the series? Always seemed to be a very high amount! OK well my prediction for new stadium is around 50,000, expandable to 65,000. Hopefully it will be bigger than expected though as it will be a long old wait until 2037 for a new new one!
  10. Any ideas on the facilities questions?
  11. Well, I finished the 2015/16 season last night. Won 3rd Premier League on the trot and also strolled to the League Cup and FA Cup trophies. I still really struggle in the Champions League though. This season I got knocked out in the first knock out round after the Group Stage to a good Barcelona side, although ran the close. The season before that I didn't make it out of the Group Stage I don't think (although went on to win the Uefa Cup). Is anyone changing things (tactics) massively in order to have success in the Champions League? Hopefully next season I'll get to the last 16 for the first time. Had my first "ridiculous" season for a striker since back in the day (CM 2001-02), with my Fierro scoring about 80 in all competitions. He's still only 21/22 so I've just got him on focus on finishing and see if I can his finishing stat up from 17 to 18 and then he will be a beast. If only he had a left peg. Anyway, back on topic - I now have one full season to go (2016/17) until the clock ticks round to the Reebok Stadium being 20 years old. I'll prob get that season done over the weekend and will report back. Out of interest, couple of "facilities" related questions: 1. are corporate / youth / training / youth network all separate from the Stadium? i.e when I move from the Reebok to a new bigger Stadium will all those facilities remain at the leval they were at? Realistically I could understand if all but the youth network changed but never had a new stadium so not sure. 2. relatedly - has anyone ever been given the options to request improvements in corporate facilities? Or is this something that the Board can only ever do themselves over time / with the aid of a new stadium? Mine are listed as "good" currently at the Reebok, but I think this has been the case since the start of my game.
  12. Thanks. Am I right in thinking the option to request the Board build a new stadium was literally greyed out and unavailable one day, and then available to select the next? i.e. was this linked to the age of your existing stadium as previously discussed?
  13. James - will do Dafuge - was that at your request or did the Board just announce it?
  14. Thanks for sharing your experiences Cleon. Am now crossing my fingers for a 50,000 seater with room to expand - gotta think big! I should say too my rep is currently "Continental" - 4.5 starts - and am hoping by the time the request to build a new stadium is available and no longer greyed out that our reputation will be "Worldwide" - 5 stars, so hopefully that should guarantee a few more bums on seats!
  15. Well the first bit definitely applies, not sure about the second although Bolton is a sizeable town and part of Greater Manchester etc so fingers crossed! I'll report back in 2017/2018 with any results / frustrations! Fingers crossed for at least a 60,000 stadium.