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  1. RIOTS OF ROME Part 5 – Lazio – That year With everything that happens in football its hard to put the pieces together to tell a story worthy of writing, but the 2024/25 season promised a lot, Rafa Benetiz had left for Real Madrid a month into the season which seen AC Milan scrambling for a manager, Marcelino was the man that was hired but he lasted less than six months before he was replaced by Alvaro Benito. Juventus had Sergio Conceicao in his first season, Spalletti took over the Italian job and Diego Simeone took over at Inter. It was going to be a cracking seaso
  2. RIOTS OF ROME Lazio – On the march (2023-24) Before a ball was kicked there was new reports of player unrest with a a couple of the members wanting assurances of the new manager that they would get more playing time, his answer was you get what you deserve and if you work hard and play well then you get games. You don't get them because you ask. It seemed like it was going to be a short stay for the new manager, when he announced a 6 week pre-season the players were visibly unhappy. Claudio Lotito statement: 30th June 2023 It was just what every
  3. RIOTS OF ROME Lazio – The Awakening Claudio Lotito takes us again through the process. Patrice Hadded talks about that meeting: That interview took place the next day, Claudio was amazed with the managers honesty about his short comings and why he thought he didn't get positions despite his good record, reputation was big part, the managers that had eventually got positions were higher rated than Matt and he did get a certain satisfaction when ultimately they failed. Bordeaux had come for Matt twice in his time at Red Star, as did RC Strasbourg, the
  4. RIOTS OF ROME Lazio – The beginning Lazio were one of the teams back in 2006 that was involved in the scandal, but slowly they had been building, Chairman Claudio Lotito had been at the club since 2004 and was given a 2 year hiatus after the scandals but since then both he and Lazio had been applauded with how they had been operating financially. Steadily through the years, the supporters had been building, it wasn't always good news though with a minority in ultra's falling fowl of the law and displaying racist slogans among other things at times, while it was rare it was still
  5. RIOTS OF ROME It has been over a year since the infamous Riots of Rome which seen the destruction to parts of the city not seen since the war torn days of the second World War. We seen both the beautiful and ugly side of the game which coincided in two months of mayhem that left an unprecedented amount of carnage in our beautiful capital. So when reports surfaced through an unofficial leak last month, people feared the worst, they battened down the hatches, boarding went up, the Government and Police were on the front foot once they received word and to everyone's credit who
  6. Can always count me in Mark, I still read a bit on here occassionally
  7. |6/8/2017 | Mame Diouf | Stoke | Panpardus's Pirates | £31.5M (£44.5M) | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 7/8/2017 | Danny Simpson | Leicester | Panpardus's Pirates | £18.25M (£23.5M) | 31 mil for Diouf, you are having a laugh at that, lucky we are doing okay but paying 18 for Simpson is nasty as well. Seems 10-3 likes giving my team an absolute belting
  8. Haha, probably the worst record ever and whored myself out to other teams like a 2 dollar hooker! Thanks Mark for running the comp again
  9. Count me into the 15-1 @mark wilson27 I don't mind the new version, been giving it a bit of a crack of late and it only has a few small issues for me. I like the scouting part, but it confused the crap of out of me to start, but now I sort of enjoy it especially at the lower league levels when you have no idea at all how good someone is.
  10. We (Australia) play tomorrow night against Honduras, I wouldnt be surprised if we missed out, but hoping we get through.
  11. Always enjoy reading your story's!
  12. "What the Fuchs" Going for the name change this season!
  13. I hope we don't get JM. Said it before Moyes was appointed last time and I would actually rather him get another shot at it or give it to Gary Neville! Sarcasm aside, I can't stand him, I don't like the way he plays, even in his first spell at Chelsea, Inter or RM, the guy is just a complete ******! I would rather LVG see out his last year, wait for Klopp to get fed up at Liverpool next season and then swap over! If JM does come, Mata will go, there's a luxury we wont be able to afford! Is Mata that good? Maybe not but he is the only one that can set anything up in our team at the moment an
  14. I swear to god that that guy just thinks about himself and earning income so he can live and crap and support a family. What about our needs? When I click on the forum, I expect an update or two. Sheesh!
  15. Hi Guys, You might not be interested but there is game on Steam called this war of mine, its a brilliant game and is on special at $7.99 US at moment.
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