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  1. Works for me so far. I will check again today.
  2. Any news on this topic? It would be nice if I could continue playing again ...
  3. I have the same problem. Was fine before the latest update 10.14.4. Now it is nearly unplayable during matches. Tried a lot of different things I found here in the forums, without any change.
  4. I just won the Championship a second time and won the ChampionsLeague. Works very well for me.
  5. Sure, no problem. Here are some result and the league table from my last year with Manchester United. I even beat Real Madrid 8:3 at home
  6. Hey everybody, This is the first tactic that I am posting, so I hope I will describe everything as good as you are used to it. But I will try my best. I am a long time FM fan, have been playing for years (I started back in the Championship Manager days) and I love tinkering with tactics, as well as trying tactics you guys here have developed. On of the things that bothered me a bit with FM2018 was that the good old classic 4-4-2 (like the one used by Atlético Madrid or by France in this years World Cup) wasn't working anymore. Most tactics revolved around thee defenders and strikers. And it was fun playing these tactics, but after the World Cup I was wondering if it was possible to create something similar to what Deschamps did. And after a lot of trying and experimenting, this is the result I came up with that worked best so far. 4-4-2-0 V2 Home - Control.fmf This is a Striker-less 4-4-2, because the Shadow Strikers do far more defensively than normal strikers and the team shape while playing stays more consistent to how France and Atletico are playing. Thanks to the two BWM in central midfield this is a high pressure and very controlling tactic that strangulates most opponents. Both Wide Midfielders are very goal-hungry and will benefit from your shadow strikers space-opening work. That often results in beautiful moves over the whole field. Team tactics can be seen in the above screenshot. Quite important are the OI detailed in the following screenshot. These are necessary to define the pressing style we want our players to apply. You will see the BMW intercepting your opponents passing all the time, quickly initiating counter attacks along the flanks in concert with your SSs. The only thing I often change between Home and Away games is the mentality. On Away games I change it to normal from control. And on Home games it is Control. I have tried this tactic in two saves so far and it worked with a middle sized team like Frankfurt in the Bundesliga and with a top club like Manchester in the Premier League (went to first place in both consistently). But I would be interested to see what you guys do with it and if there some improvements I haven't thought about so far. Let me know what you think and if you have questions. Bye Sven
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