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  1. Ok, So I’m using the data update from nik33 and I found this Barca player xavi simons who is insanely good for a 15 year old and also luckily has a release clause of just 200k, problem is I’m playing Real Madrid and even though I’ve tried doing everything possible like putting him top target and telling my player to promote the target in press he doesn’t wanna join. First he says that he’s just joined his new club, and then he says he doesn’t wanna join because of the rivalry with his favoured Barcelona. Just to experiment I removed Barcelona from his favourite clubs and put it in disliked clubs, then I added Madrid I’m favourite clubs and the guy still says the same thing. How is one supposed to sign a player from a rival team?
  2. Hi!I haven’t touched FM this year I played FM 17 religiously and since I now have the time to play the game I was thinking of playing 18 before the new one comes out this year to get myself used to it.What I wanted to ask was that if dybala is still the same kinda beast he was in the 17 version or if he’s not that good anymore.Thanks
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