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  1. I signed an 18 year old player and he needed a work permit. What i didn't know is that the work permit was gonna be a youth work permit and i can't play him in my senior team. If i had knew that i wouldn't have signed him cos he's too old play in the under 18's and i don't have a reserve squad. My question is when can i apply for a proper work permit for him?
  2. I don't think i'll get FM19 unless there's major changes from FM18. I'm enjoying playing FM18 anyway.
  3. I've recently got a 144hz monitor and as a result the game has been running at 144fps. The game doesn't seem to like running at 144fps for me as it seems to crash a lot, don't get an error message or anything, It just closes down. I thought i would look in options to see if could set the framerate to 60 and sure enough there was but it doesn't work as the game still runs at 144fps. Also i haven't posted this in the bugs forum as i doubt it would be fixed as the devs are probably focusing on FM 19 now but not sure what section it would go in anyway.
  4. I hope something has changed with coaches etc as they didn't really improve even though getting the top coaching licence, their stats remained the same.
  5. Anyone know what size pics need to be? I've got a few pics but the game doesn't see them because they are too big i think.
  6. Does anyone know where the player search screen to look for players with no club etc? I've spent about 30 mins looking for it and can't find it anywhere. It doesn't seem to be in the same place as it was in FM15.
  7. No it doesn't include access to the beta. Someone asked on their facebook page and they said they can't guarantee yet, that it contains any pre-order bonuses.
  8. I disagree. I think FM15 is a step back compared to FM14. I still enjoy playing FM14 and i can't into FM15 at all due to the match engine, not sure if the issues are fixed now but players seemed really slow when on the ball especially wingers.
  9. The Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Youtube buttons all seem to be greyed out on mine.
  10. I'm having same problem. I have tried to do whats shown in the FAQ but i can't see that option about 3rd party stuff in my settings.
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