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  1. Thank you both for your pointers! They will no doubt be useful help moving forward. Will have to get a DM for the 4-1-4-1, definitely a tactic worth trying out.
  2. So, as my title states, I got myself promoted from the lowest tier Swedish league to a slightly higher one. Which is great and all, nu board loves me, my players (mostly) love me, the fans love me. All is well. Well, except for the fact that I now face the immense challenge of entrenching myself in my new league, and avoid relegation - which is the fate that awaits the previous team that made the jump up. Basically, my problem is this: How do I effectively scout for players that is good enough for my new level? How do I gauge which ones from my team is fit to continue the Journey with the team? How do I get rid of subpar and unwanted players? I also figure that the first season will probably require a defensive approach from me. I've been running a 4-4-2, is there a good way to make that a useful defensive tactic? Is there a better one? Other than that, I'm immensely thankful for any and all pointers you, my fellow FM'ers can give me. I am fairly new to this game, and to in depth football tactics in general. I'm learning by doing, but anything that can help me improve - and cement my position in my new league - is appreciated.
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