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  1. You can find some instructions on this topic on guide to football manager website. You can search it on google.
  2. This is a good question, how to play against a stronger team, and I think there is no absolutely right answers. For me, I think it is hard to defend 90 minutes even if you make all your focus on defending, for example with 9 or more players (except for goalkeeper) back protecting your penalty area, playing with defensive mentality and low tempo. So for me, I prefer to try to keep making some threats to the opposite in such situation. But being aggresive in attacking does not mean you have to change into attacking mentality. In my opinion, 'effective' mentality does not equal to the "mentality"
  3. Other team shapes may bring similar performance, you can design a tactic to fit your squad, for example the 343 tactic at below (not fully tested). Detailed TIs and PIs can be adjusted according to your player's ability and also the opposite, as discussed in this article. Attacking 442.fmf Bayern_343_temp.fmf
  4. Sure. Here in the attachment. Also other team shapes may bring similar performance, you can design a tactic to fit your squad, for example the 343 tactic at below (not fully tested). Detailed TIs and PIs can be adjusted according to your player's ability and also the opposite, as discussed in this article. Attacking 442.fmf Bayern_343_temp.fmf
  5. In recent years, Knap and other guys have shared lots of popular tactics on internet and fascinating results can be achieved (thanks for their sharing). While in most of such tactics, lots of TIs and PIs are set that it is sometimes difficult for people to modify the tactics to better fit their own teams and players, thus may make your game less creative and the pleasure may be limited especially if you use such tactic for more than one season. Here in this article I would like to show that it is possible to DIY your own tactics at similar winning ratio as Knap, while with your own style. A
  6. In tactical theory, a patient build-up play with shorter team passing range, it is suggested to use "techniqual No. 10", with means the lone striker should be in support duty. At the same time, there should be several players in deeper area with 'get forward up' PI, this is called 'Overlapping movement partnership'. To see more at https://www.guidetofootball.com/
  7. I think you should not consider this problem alone as how to set the three, it is more about the whole play system. In general, if you play in a more dirct way, it is better to set the strikers into attacking duty, so as to form the so-called 'direct movement partnership' according to the tactic theory (https://www.guidetofootball.com/tactics/attacking-structures). While if you play in a more patient way in build-up play, you should consider strikers with support duty and maybe AM with attacking duty, so as to form the 'overlap movement partnership'
  8. But it may also depend on how the opponent team defend. If they defend deeper, even with DM, the space your AMC can use maybe limited.
  9. Hi, you want to build up patient build-up play, but your tactic seems not patient enough. If you want the set AMC as the main creator, you should not use another DLP, as DLP will also play risky, creative passing. Instead, a standard defensive CM with shorter passing is better choice. In such way, the deeper players will make more safe and short pass to Mata, can left the creative work to him. Other things may help "patient build-up play" maybe to chose higher mentality and shorter team passing, so the defenders will pass shorter than in a balanced mentality tactic, to further fucus play on Ma
  10. https://www.football365.com/news/what-we-learn-from-passingcrossing-statistics I just found an article wroten in 2017, that Sterling in Man City, who has the completion ratio of crossing of 7.5%, on the other side, Mahrez (Leicester) has the crossing completion ratio of 28.1% that season. So as I see, this is mainly the tactical issue, not the game engine. Even for the top players, your can not expect a rate more than 30%. Some people complain about the low crossing success rate, maybe they just don't want to give up shorter passing style. For shorter passing tactic, crossing is never a main
  11. There are two different situations: 1, crossing is blocked by defender; 2, can crossing into the box but can not be touched by the striker. Your situation seemed more like the first. So my suggestion is that, try to change the whole passing system, that means, using more direct passing TI, this will change the whole tempo and how your players behave when they have the ball. Fullbacks on support or defend role, to make more 45° crossing. Also, try to use more crossing TI. On the other hand, if you use shorter passing as team instruction, for example Tiki-Taka style, there is little you c
  12. For me, it is not 'Klopp' style. If you want to attack fast, the most important thing is to use long passing, maybe combined with wider attacking width, and frequent dribbling, also you need an attacking striker role. If you use shorter passing, it will be not fast even if you use highest tempo, as passing style is the core "attacking style", not the tempo. Of course your tactic may still works, but it is more like a mixtured style tactic, not Klopp like.
  13. It may now included in the TI "be more expressive/deciplined", see the official online manual "Creative Freedom is closely tied to your overall Team Fluidity. Be More Expressive increases the overall fluidity score, whilst Be More Disciplined reduces it. " -
  14. The Barcelona games are always a joy to watch (despite defeated in ECC this season), and there are many posts in the forum already, talking about Barcelona tactic, just here to mention a few: https://community.sigames.com/topic/219564-the-barcelona-style-my-interpretation/; https://community.sigames.com/topic/421360-terminate-fm18-handbook-on-pep-guardiolas-barcelona-433-and-the-tactic-pack/?tab=comments#comment-11091496 https://community.sigames.com/topic/397755-peps-barcelona-very-fluid/?tab=comments#comment-10696523 While by watching some match vedios of Barcelona on internet
  15. I think it is also very effective to watch the full match video for the first 3-5 minutes of every match. It is easy to know the opposite team's pressing urgency and attacking build up speed by this way, which is most important.
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