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  1. I Try to understand these In a more simple way. The DL and LOE actually are the starting position of your players. A higher LOE means your forward players will stand higher up the pitch when not In possession. while higher DL means your defenders will stand higher both when you are In not not In possession. Urgent defines how likely the players leave their starting position to press the opposite. Did you find That the fluidity system disappear in 2019? It used to be an important concept In former versions. I believe now It is interprated In the DL/LOE settings. So suppose you want to play a structured, counter attack football, you can use higher loe and lower dl. Vice versa. I think It is easiear to understand compared to LOE the how far your forward retreat or how far you allow your opposite to push. Please point me out If any mistake.
  2. In my opinion, it is not about the roles or PI settings. It is more about width and passing styles. If you set the width to be too narrow In attack, and too slow attacking speed, your wingers are hard to find space to create chances. That may be why your players easy to be marked. Also, If you can't create goal chances and loss the ball too often, you may under risk of counter attack. Try to adjust the width and pasaing distance to change the rythm. also can try to adjust the width of defence If find problem defending the opposite wingers. I understand you want to control the game In slow buiding up the attack but It didnt always works. So adjust depend on the how the match goes
  3. @herne79 Thank you very much as I still not familiar with how to edit articles in the forum. I have uploaded the fmf files here, one with flat 3 CM and one with a DM with is now I used, both can work well. 4-3-3 DM.fmf 4-3-3 Flat.fmf
  4. I have been playing FM for years and deeply love this game. I am still on FM2017 as I don’t want to give up my save, but I think the basic game engine and ideas of tactics is similar. I would like to share this tactic because I think this is one of the most successful tactic I have even created. It starts with a Man Utd save (I am a fan of Man Utd since twenty years ago). Many managers love controlling tactic with slow built-up of attack, which starts with the success of Barcelona in the last decade. I also tried but found it struggling when facing defensive teams and also teams with strong squad and fast counter-attack. Another drawback is controlling tactic sometimes depends on specific talent players too much, like Barcelona, which make it hard to rotate your squad and adjusting the tactic during a match. I always think a manager should make tactics suitable for existed squad instead of spending too much money on transfer market. So I start with a 4231 at the first season. While I was lucky to got a chance to buy Icardi and Moussa Dembélé at very low price at the end of first season, I consider to create a tactic which make place for two or three strikers at the same time. The key of the tactic is 3 flat forwards, usually set as AF as it is the most suitable job for the players I have. No support duties needed here so as to achieve a straightforward tempo, and provide more attacking points in opposite forbidden zone, and especially helpful in counter-attack. It will be helpful for left-foot forward to be set on left and right-foot on right so as to make accurate crossing, otherwise you can set the team crossing to ‘low’. Crossing, both from side strikers and attacking fullbacks is one of main attacking strategy in this tactic. I start with 3 flat central midfielders, with duties of attack, support and defend respectively. No special jobs needed here such as playmakers and ball winning. Also I think it is not important which midfielder to be set as attack and which to be set as defend. At attack, the three will split at longitude while at defence, all the three will share similar mentalities. They will make lateral movement while keeping compact when pressing opposite wide attackers, protect fullbacks and centre-backs. I prefer the midfielder players to be versatile in both attacking and defending, also with good physical attributes and speed. Also good long-shoot ability will be helpful, which will provide more choice in attack, make the opposite team struggling in defence. So I sold Mata and bought Elneny which was on selling list. Lingard is also a wonderfull midfield player adapted well in this system. The two central backs were set both defend duty so as to avoid gaps in longitude. One can be set to ball-playing CD if you got such suitable player. The outside defenders were both set to be fullback with attacking duty. In attack, they will push higher up even into opposite forbidden zone to score, while when losing the ball, they will run back immediately instead of pressing the opponent player, thus to form a compact 4 defending line in front of the keeper. As 3 strikers will make the opposite defending focused at central the pitch, my FBs can always find open places to take part in attacking. The goalkeeper was there without any PI. Usually he will make long kick to the head of strikers. I found that my CM players can get it at least 2/3 the times from the head of striker or opposite defending players. Also this delivering low down the risk of keeper making an error and provide quick transform into attack. I want my team to play a balance, simple and straightfoward football, in such case, usually we don't need to adjust the tactical instructions when facing opposite team with different stlyes. The players can always find a way to score, both in counter-attack, crossing, through balls and also long shoots. It is easy because we have so many attacking points into the final third (3 strikers, 1 attacking CM and 2 outside FB attackers). To achieve this, I use standard mentality, and nearly no TI or PI. The team shape was set to be flexible, as I think too structured may further make it difficult to make the CMs and AFs contact each other as we already use 3 AF without AM to support. While I also don't want to set it to be more fluid as I want my strikers to stick on attacking and create spaces beyond the opposite defending line, which is crucial for counter-attack. The only TI is to play shorter passes so as to make some balance in tempo, also helping the players to save their energies. But it can also work well if using the standard passing style. (You can click pass into space if opposite team press higher up and leave open space behind.) I have achieved great success with such a strategy in last three seasons, with more than 100 league points and net goals beyond 100. At most times, the possession is between the range of 45%-55%, while about 30 shooting attempts average per match. So it is kind of high efficient football. I also have tried it with Juventus, demonstrated to be successful. So I think if you have more than one top strikers and want them to show at same time, you can try this. When facing some specific teams I may make one or two adjustments, such as lower the defense line and even less pressing (Last time using it was facing Barcelona and achieve a 5:0 win). In current season I changed it a little, with a deep-lying DM player, setting as defensive playmaker with less pressing to protect more of defensive line. I also tried complete forward and other duties. No matter how, the straightforward, 3 striker system works well all the time.
  5. first to get familiar with one tactic then add another. I think the important of second or third tactic is not the shape but the mentality, passing style, closing down and things like that. Try to choose different play stlye so as to improve familirity when make chance during match.
  6. I do have used it for many seasons, when working with Juventus, shaped as 433 with 3 parallel advanced forwards, and 3 parallel midfielders. It works pretty well as I have Marchisio, khedira and James Rodríguez the midfield combination, all them can make good and powerful long shooting. This system took me dominant performance in Italy and also 2 European Champions Cups in 3 years. It brings nearly 1 goal from long shoot per match on average, alleviating the pressure of forwards facing bus defense. Combining with more crossing instructions, though lose some possession rate, but increasing the shooting rate extramely, successful in achieving a direct and fast playing style.