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  1. It is very interesting and I think it will work well. Only concern is that without players in AF positions, can the wingers or CMs restrict opposite to build up play from CDs effectively, how about the possession ratio?
  2. Ah, yes, it makes sense. Thanks a lot. Another question is that: As we already set the TI pressing to most urgency, will the PI "close down more" further strengthen it? Similar question for "Marking tighter", what is your opinion?
  3. Hi, TFF, I have watched the short video, through I not have time to try yet, I can imagine how good it works. Only one small question: Why not use the short pass TI but instead using short pass PI for every single players? Is there any difference between these two?
  4. I always confused the relationship between team training and individual training. We saw that in some training sessions, such as some goalkeeping training, the second and third training focus is individual training for outfield players. So my question is without such specific training session, have the players got the chance to to their individual role training? For example, if I only use general training in the schedule, will players do their own role training after team training, or the individual training already included in the team training?
  5. I think the familiarity is enough. I always tweak my tactic in different club matches, focus on counter the opposite team playing system, instead of build up my own tactic familiarity, so according my experience, tactic familiarity is not a crucial factor of winning the match, a proper tactic is.
  6. I think it is a very interesting system, just another extrame compared to pass and move system(Tiki-taka). Only one little suggestion that it may work better if remove the overlap left/right instruction. Because this instruction will lower the mentality of the two wingers, while in a high tempo system, the overlap of fullbacks may be not very effective (they need time to catch up with wingers so more suitable for low tempo system).
  7. As Pats said, I think it is good idea to put more players forward, especially to occupy the horizontal channel (Distance between CM and CD) and vertical channel of one side (distance between CD and FB) to form overload, this may help to open up space for other teammates. For example, try to set left CM to be Mezzala, and left FB to be IWB attack, combined with left winger or invert winger, this three may draw the defenders to this side, and open space for right winger to explore. I am not sure whether it works, just try and see what happened. By the way, I always find there are some situations that it is hard for possession football. For example, if the opposite play a high line, high pressing, or tight marking, it sometimes not easy to control possession and move the ball forward by short passing. Also, if the opposite play similar short passing, possession football, it may also hard to keep high possession. So maybe for these particular conditions, you may consider to play another kind of football, that is what I did.
  8. I am not a natural English speaker. Can you please explain to me what does CCC mean?
  9. Hi, thanks for writing the article. My English is not very good, so I still didnt get the point about the last 3, how it works. For example, the "push forward" shout, can you explain more about how it effects the players morale?
  10. Can you give a link here, I am interested to read. In my opinion, same low mentality can also create quite different football, such as direct passing "Long ball" football, and possession based football. To dominate possession is quite easy when against long ball football, but when facing possession football, sometimes it is not. For example at my current save, I keep already more than 60 matches unbeaten in the league with Man Utd, sometimes I face such teams, some of them are strong teams, playing a 4141 or 42dm31 shape. It is very hard to win a high possession. The main problem is that when they get control, they just pass short in their own half, even I use two pressing forward and one MWM with highest engageline and pressing urgency, I can not make possession more than 40%, while facing other opposite with similar tactic, I can usually make possession between 60% and 70%.
  11. I also see this situation in FM. The AI tactic is called 'possession football' according to Guide to Football (https://www.guidetofootball.com/tactics/composite-styles#possession-football), which is a combination of low mentality and short pass. To tell the truth, it is not possible to dominate possession when facing such a team, even use high pressing, high DL/LoE, and PI/OI, all these you can. I have tried a lot so you can trust me. So just forget possession. The goal is to make more goals then the opposite, so just focus on improving the attacking effeciency. Also be careful, if you try too high pressing, it may be dengerous that they may exploit your defensive weakness. And when you are leading the score, if you like, you can use the same strategy, low mentality and extramly short pass, that will help to pull the possession back to 50%:50%.
  12. I also have the same question. For example the pressing urgent, we can see that there is a pressing bar for every single player. Increasing the team pressing urgent will have the affect on increasing the bar for every player, but we can see that if the bar is already full by setting team pressing, we can not further increase it for every single players. So my opinion is that the principle is also true for other tactical settings. For example, if we already set the team instruction "pass into space", especially at a high team mentality, then setting single player to be "more risky passing" may have no affect or only very limited affect. It is only my guess.
  13. I think It is not quite possible to keep the short pass/possession football effective when under high pressing. I think you need to be also fast, usually fast tempo or fast players good at dribbling. This is most effective. If you can be faster then the opposite, then their pressing is uneffective and can only expose their defending weakness.
  14. Liverpool always use extremely urgent pressing, and their squad is fast, which make their pressing very effective. As to counter this, you have to be faster when in possessing. So it is better to take fast players in your first 11, and use faster tempo (maybe also more dribbling). In defense, it is nearly for sure that you have to set the defend width to be narrow, as their attacker not very good in heading and jumping, but their CMs and wingers can make threats a lot in central the pitch. If your defenders and CMs are good and fast, you can use high defending line but normal pressing urgency to try to stop them at the first time. Or you can use low defending line with little higher pressing urgency, just like preset fluid counter attack tactic. Most important: 1. Never try to park the bus as you usually can not hold long; 2. Never try to use slow tempo or hold the ball instruction, as it is not possible to hold the ball easily.
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