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  1. Fellow managers, I'm looking for your help as my game simply crashes when a advance date on 11st Jan 2021. No clue what happens has nothing changes on my computer's config from yesterday. As requested, i've try to attach a save from the day before the crash. But don't know how to do it honestly, another field i may need your help too. Also, looking through the files, i noticed things i would call strange called GameOverlayUI.exe . On one of those, new content has been written today: Sun Jul 08 16:12:50 2018 UTC - GameOverlay process started: pid: 6316 Sun Jul 08 16:12:50 2018 UTC - GameOverlay exiting due to missing PID argument I would be soooo grateful if someone can help me debugging this game! So many hours played Have a nice day, Peter
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