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  1. So I have my Assistant looking after Training Schedules. I chose a tactic at the outset, but now have changed it to a custom tactic I designed. What i'm struggling with, is that I can't change that tactic in the training schedules to show the tactic I designed. How can I do this ??
  2. Thanks mate, that is exactly what I was looking for. Top stuff, appreciate it.
  3. Hi - I am in pre season and have nominated my 25 players for the EPL season. Now I have signed a new player I need to include. Where do I find the squad list for the EPL comp so I can change it ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi - Bought FM2015 Installed through Steam ( PC ) All good, working well no problems....but.... I don't have a desktop icon ?? Said yes to it on installation, but not there. How can I get the FM2015 logo attached to an icon on my desktop ?
  5. Ah yes, of course and I appreciate your answer, except, you didn't even approach the point I was making about the FM series. However, I should declare, that I have owned and played every edition of the game, and FM15 will be no different. I have not had the time to touch the demo, but I am encouraged by what I read, in that it appears it come be returning more to a players game, not an exercise in mathematical calculations as FM13 and to some extent FM14 have been.
  6. Must admit I kind of sympathise with the opening post. Seems to me that success or failure in the FM series has devolved into getting the tactics spot on, which I find both almost impossible and slightly irritating. What should be a replication of real life, has infact become almost a robot programming thing. Example, extreme I know: At Real Madrid (in real life) massive tactical awareness becomes giving ball to Ronaldo and sometimes Bale, then reacting to their movement on the ball. This does not involve deap tactical thinking. Same at Barcelona, and a number of other clubs. I really think the accent now within the game, has gone too far that way. Just an opinion, but we are all entitled to them......I hope
  7. Hi...I can't find the Editor. I don't mean the In Game Editor, I mean the full Editor. Can someone advise where and how I can get it please. Thank you
  8. Ok I understand. If though the state of the game was explained and people volunteered, maybe then ???? I had experience with testing SAP over the past 10 years, and the main reason to put it out to the user community (as we were described) it that we do things developers don't take into account. I'm not a programmer, but in my role I worked with quite a number. We always found that their logical approach, was often at odds with the people who did the testing, they have no logic, they just do things, if you get my meaning. Anyway, as I said, it was only a suggestion, I'm sure for good reason it's been thought of and discarded.
  9. Don't know what that means, but I guess I just got binned
  10. Some years ago in an earlier version of FM, SI decided to give the playing community the opportunity to beta test the game, long before the release date. I was fortunate to be given that opportunity, and the testing community got into the exercise with much gusto. Then some moron released the game to a pirate site, (I forget the details) and the whole thing was cancelled, which was a great shame. In light of the annual pilgrimage to these forums that seemingly hundreds undertake to bag the life out of the game, it occurs to me that revisiting that would be a good idea. With the advent of Steam, surely the files could be held remotely, and the game have a time lock installed, say 1 or 2 or 3 season, at which time a hardcoded stop is triggered. This would eliminate the point of piracy. I realise this has probably been mentioned before, and no doubt thought of by SI, but if one can involve a lot of people in testing, many of the issues uncovered post release could be captured and dealt with before then. Equally I would think many would gladly volunteer for such a role without seeking any additional benefit other than a better product for all. I certainly know I would be that way. Given the wide range of approaches to the game, from the tactically astute, to the guy who just wants to deal with transfers and play maches, this would provide that. Plus, people testing in such a way, get outside the box, and do things developers don't expect, because their approach is different. Yes I know the game is released as beta two weeks early, but in all seriousness, that is nowhere near long enough, to either test properly, or fix issues that arise. Just a thought, can’t be all bad can it ?
  11. Probably get yelled at for posting this.....but I can't understand why when I watched all those YouTube vids of FM2014 it was awesome. Almost sent me all goosey, if you know what I mean. Now accepting playing experience with a team getting used to you and all that, but..... The Youtube stuff was awesome, the game isn't close to what I saw there. Hopefully it will be, that would be great
  12. I didn't and wouldn't complain about moderators, they do a job I don't envy. The problem with FM that I have, is that so much of the game seems to based around tactics. As ou rightly say, it a football simulation, and therefore is not a true reflection of real life and can't be. In real life I might be working with strikers who suddenly go cold in front of goal. This can be the cause of our horror run, just simply failing to put away chances. So we go away and try and work on it. We don't change tactics, they are fine, we are creating the chances. Therefore I am saying that being made to change tactics in the game, is false, but I tried to point out that in a computer game, fixing such a run is practically impossible to simulate. Okay I accept therefore that the solution in FM is to change your tactics, this is not therefore a true reflection of real life, but does highlight an issue I increasingly have with the game now. I know I will get slammed for this comment, but here goes. FM to me has moved from being a football simulation game, where you can, win lose or draw get satisfaction from playing, to a turgid excercise in understanding computer programming logic. If you can disect the program permutations to your advantage, you can create a set of tactics that will beat the game. When I first started plan the game, all those years ago, it seems to me it was more in keeping with a gaming situation, where building a team, and playing well would be enough. No more. In my real life coaching/managing, we don't have fourty different instructions covering 10 players, we have a system, we work on it, and adjust it when we need to change personnel or sometimes dependent on the opposition. It isn't rocket science. Many a famous manager (i'm not one) has been quoted as saying football is a simple game, complicated by "experts" This is what is happening to FM now in my opinion. I still play, and will continue to do so as I enjoy it. But, complicated tactics should not be the root of everything.
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