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  1. Hello again.So i tried it and removed the facepacks,etc but ntohing happened. Then i added them again and tried to open another save that i had witth the exact same mods and same facepacks.It opened just fine and there wasn't any problem.It seems that only the exact save with Bari has the problem.What else should i do?
  2. Hello, My name is Dimitris and since today i have been facing crash dumps when i try to load my game with Bari.I have already processed 1 season and i didn't have any problem since today.I try to oepn the save and it shows a crash dump.I am using facepacks logopacks skins and stadium packs but i didn't have any problem in all of my saves till now.Also at the save with Bari i am using a mod in which u can add more leagues to your game but i didn't have any problem either in the past.I would be greatful if u could answer me back quick and help me fix the problem.Also i will share the photo in which u can see the crash dump. http://prntscr.com/o5dy1a
  3. Hello,I was playing fm18 and when I went to change the camera I saw that there was only the classic 2d camera and not the other 2d camera which was in the previous fm games.However when the game was waiting for highlights of the match i changed my camera back to 3d and the old 2d camera showed up but when i watch a highlight it becomes 3d.Can u please add the 2d camera in your next fm update.
  4. Thank you for your service.It seemed like a facepack was causing the trouble so i deleted it and it works fine.
  5. Im using the version 18.3.4 1093856 (m.e v1822) i checked on technical support but there is not a category for crash dumps after a match.
  6. Hello,I've been playing football manager since 2017 and I didn't have any problem until now.So I'm facing a problem in career.After a match it shows me a warning sign that there was a problem but it doesn't force me to close football manager unless i click ok or close the tab so i keep it.Later after the second match in a row it shows a tab which says the program has crashed and there are two options.The first one is to find a solution in the problem and then close the program which does nothing and the second is to just close the program.Also i am using skins,facepacks and logopacks but there wasn't any problem in the past.I would be greatful If you answered me asap.
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