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  1. Also note that they can get a rating if they score regardless of when they come on. Not sure about assists..
  2. Why can I not tell a player that if they attempt a shot from outside the box, scoring or not, that they will be playing with the reserves until their contract runs out? I would imagine a manager could do this in real life. I sure would.
  3. Loan Players

    I have my chief doing everything, so that can't be why. If you've already asked for a report, for any team at any time, and ticked "Don't show this message again", then you won't get that message. It should show up in the scouting centre.
  4. Loan Players

    (or press F5 to go to ' Scouting') Hope this helps
  5. I tried to bring Hamilton back for 50m. Not long after they sold him for that incredible loss. I missed it.. Corallo was especially ridiculous, as he had just started training again after being out for 7 months! Here's what they look like currently:
  6. It depends on the club you're managing. If all your club has is 100m, then no. Not ever. PSG, City etc.. Definitely.
  7. Can't sell player?

    Unfortuantely this is not the case here. I can offer him a new contract (player, player/coach, coach) and he's willing to negotiate. And I thought "considering his options" implies he might also want to be sold? I'm pretty sure you can offer a player that is retiring to other clubs, so that can't be it. That's not saying a club would ever actually make a bid, or offer a contract. Never seen that.
  8. Can't sell player?

    I can do this, but it would cost me 2.3m. Also, I'm not willing to try as he's now a much needed back-up. No. Just an FYI; I can't offer him out on loan, but I can however loan him to an affiliate club.
  9. Can't sell player?

    I've tried the DOF thing, and I've waited months. I just noticed I can see his staff attributes. Could this have anything to do with it?
  10. I am unable to offer G. Barry to other clubs. He has 1 year left on his contract, he's not retiring, and he wants to be sold - and is pleased with the progress regarding his sale. Can't click "Offer to clubs" "Offers First Team players you've listed for transfer/loan to other Clubs" = Me. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. I'm testing it now with the 5-2-1-2
  12. What are the PIs if you use any?