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  1. My players have gone from almost never attempting any long shots (good) to doing nothing but. What fun.
  2. I seem to remember a video with Miles and someone else playing the game pre-release where Miles used underlap specifically for the inside forwards. It was talked about on here I believe, and the reaction was a confusing one.. I'll see if I can find it.
  3. I would give him my first born if it meant increasing the chance of him joining from 50% to 60%. I think I answered your question?
  4. To be honest with you, I've just asked the assistant to assign groups for me. Not ready to start figuring this out yet. Not even done training myself.. I think you'd be better off asking in that thread.
  5. Mentoring part. EDIT: Mentoring can be found in training.
  6. I'd say the reason for the injuries you're getting is that you're kind of telling your players to sacrifice their own bodies
  7. You and me both Just had a look when I saw your post, just to make sure. Also noticed this: 'Conflicting' instead of 'Unavailable'. Raumdeuter has Sit Narrower... FM has a way of making my head hurt.
  8. I wasn't the one asking the question. You still can't ask a WB to stay wide when the team has the ball, and have him cut inside with the ball. It was obvious what kingking meant when s/he asked that question. Also, "How can someone stay wide and cut inside at the same time? The player either stays wide or he cuts inside, it's 1 or the other." These two options are not found in the same area. (Team has the ball/player has the ball), so again, it should've been even more obvious what kingking meant.
  9. The question asked was "Why can't a WBL/WBR stay wide and cut inside?", and not "Why can't a WBL/WBR stay wide when he has the ball and cut inside?".
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