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  1. How many leagues/players do you have active? If its every division and 200k+ players then all the background computing will take its toll, if its a small database with a couple of leagues then your understanding of "pretty powerful" in FM terms is incorrect
  2. Surely does nothing though, because all the leagues are inactive and have no teams playing in them, otherwise they would just be in the game to start with Just use one thats already been made
  3. There is no such thing, you need to download and use a created version claassen has one that goes down to the "9th" tier although there's prob others if you look on the steam workshop
  4. As above, if your in the champions league you make £30m or so by the group stages, so it wont matter, the same way in your first promoted season it got ignored because you made £100m or so extra in TV/Prize money, Its to stop teams down the lower end of the league going into debt by paying out more in wages than they bring in
  5. Is it not explained in game? the FFP screen will show you why and by how much you are failing Your balance/bank account doesn't matter, Its purely income vs expenditure, where you can make a 4.5m loss (+ ~£20m investment) so say -£25m, All the sponsorships are paid at the start of the season (so editing them mid-game wont make any difference until next season) Pretty sure that if sponsors more than 30% of your total income are ignored anyway to stop owners just sponsoring their own team £500m a year to get around it Depending on what team your playing you will never have enough income to spend hundreds of millions without also selling players. If your editing the game that much why don't you just move all the players you plan on signing to your team to start with?
  6. the AI behavior regarding transfers and team selection is baffling, They spend silly money on a players and never even play them, Most I've spent on a player is 2m, Looking at the players I've sold.. £16m for Gaudino has played 8 games in 2 seasons, £14m for flanigan (15 games). Looking at others teams, Pavlenka (a 28yr GK i've never heard of has been at both PSG & Chelsea (with £30+m in transfer fee's and has never played a game), Icardi & Milinkovic-Savic average 10 games a season for £100m each. Tierney bought for £36m averages 10 games a season, Madrid bought Srabia for £30m and less than a year later sold him for £10m, They also bought Rodrygo for £40m and he plays in the reserves, Spurs dropped £40m on Nunez he averages 5 games a season They also buy "average" players in positions where they already have numerous players or that don't even fit into their formation & let the better players they have leave rather than offer them new contracts. City play 2 CM's, have 11 already at the club and just spent £150m on another 2 (13 total for 2 positions) they currently have 10 players in their 1st team who can't even play (25 squad limit) while on the otherside Fulham don't even have enough players to fill the bench
  7. There are just so many tactics that make the game "easy" (don't even use gegenpress) I would be surprised if you couldn't reach the CL final with any of the bigger teams 1st season even without spending any money. With Rangers (and no save scumming, based on game information I saved once every 8 hours) 1st season I reached the EL Semi (won the first leg 4-0 and then lost 6-0 away against Inter) 2nd season I lost in the Semi of the CL To Athletico- who finished 2nd in my group (Won 3-1 and lost 5-2 away) With a first 11 on a combined £145k a week, only buying free transfers and a max wage of 25k. Been thinking about playing an EPL save for a while, but can't decide who to actually play to keep the long term enjoyment, at least the rest of the teams will spend big money to keep it somewhat competitive.
  8. The above (Work Permits using the English league data) is still an issue, With the new Rules after leaving the EU its almost impossible to get a work permit for anybody The transfer fee's are for the English league (and link to the EPL 3 points above 8.25m 2 points above 4m 10 of the teams in the league haven't spent 4m between them in 18months, Nobody has spent 8.25m on a player & only 3 players have been bought for over 4m The alternative where the work permit is based on wages is also based on the English league and means that 10 of the teams can't sign anyone Highest Wage outside of Rangers/Celtic is 5250 & even at 3k(youth competitions) the other 10 between them couldn't field a team + subs
  9. Yes it does, unless your playing on windows 98 & a 12" screen, pointless having 144fps when it looks like a 15yr old console game
  10. Its a slightly edited version of this https://www.fmscout.com/a-opz-elite-fm19-skin.html
  11. "PRB Uploads/lith award test.fm" is locked News item is the following day/afternoon
  12. Apologies if in the wrong forum As per the below screenshot, as the Rangers (Scotland) manager, I have 1 vote towards the Lithuanian manager of the year award , I just picked the guy with the lowest winrate for a laugh
  13. As shown in image, the first 14 entry's in "future transfers" are already at the club and have been for 3months, I assume its because I started the season at an earlier date than the default for the league
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