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  1. you have to sort the finance area out. needs big overhaul, and get rid of the "other" in expenditure, i average income of 4mill per month and outgoing is approx 3.7mill per month (of that 2 mill plus is "other". Needs sorting SI, been everybodys gripe over the last two games now.
  2. i ment to say that you can also only get the scouts report if you player has been scouted before signing for you.
  3. backroom staff should be focused on, it should be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. at the moment we just ask our coachs for their opinion on a player and he comes back with a s***ty little report that doesnt say where the players best qualities are, (only the scout gives you that, and its not that accurate) for example, i want my coach to train my left winger to make a simple pass inside left and to have to pass returned 30 yards in front of him so he has to run past the marker and play a quality first time cross on which my striker puts it in the back of the oppos net. my coach will tell me that he will have some concerns etc or that he can do it time after time without tiring and so on.
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