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  1. Hi Luke, it did, but it's now started crashing again and very randomly. I have rolled my nvdia driver back to the March version as suggested in the forum, but that hasn't fixed things. Its' seriously annoying and like a few folk on here, is making me think twice about purchasing the 2019 version of FM.
  2. I have it set to very high, I think. I’ll try that as a workaround and see how it goes. Bit disappointing if that’s the reason as my graphics card can more than handle it.
  3. Tried the save again and it worked, but then won't let me save a new file. i can get the game going, but then it crashes when i save/save as.
  4. For the Celtic game it’s the day of the save. Falls over every time.
  5. I think i found the dumps in another folder (program files x86) and have attached. I have also uploaded the saves to the FTP under the name Celtic.fm and Sunderland.fm. assert_steam.exe_20180717000308_1.dmp assert_steam.exe_20180728023419_1.dmp
  6. I don’t seem to have that folder? Would it be anywhere else?
  7. No, the database hasn’t been changed since installation
  8. Hello, I am only just starting to play FM18 after upgrading to a new laptop. I am in pre-season of my 2nd season of playing as Celtic and my file now constantly crashes at the some point every time. I also started a second game playing as Sunderland and that is also crashing at the same point in my first season. I have followed all of the troubleshooting, including deleting and reinstalling the game plus drivers, but both saves still crash. I have no idea how to send a crash dump. so grateful for help in sorting this issue. Thanks
  9. @Smurf I’ve narrowed it down to two machines. Any views on which you would go for? 1. With the i5 and 1060 and 8GB https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX503VM-DM102T-ASUS-FX503VM-DM102T-Gaming-Laptop_2267825.html or 2. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/GL553VE-DM292T-ASUS-ROG-Strix-GL553VE-DM292T-Gaming-Lap_2203029.html
  10. Thanks @smurf. I’m probably only running two leagues in full (usually England and Scotland) with the top League from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Brazil and Argentina as non-playable and full/largest database. Sound like maybe the i5 with better graphic may suffice. May even go i5 with 1050i to keep costs down
  11. @Smurf would you be better going for a higher spec processor or graphics card? Like the Asus machines and two priced at £800. One with i5 and 1060 card, other i7 with 1050i. Mostly playing FM, but may fable into some FPS games too.
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