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  1. I've contacted SEGA multiple times about this issue and they don't do anything about it. All they do is ask for my system info over and over with no solutions to the problem.
  2. Nevermind. This was a temporary fix and it still won't let you save the game.
  3. I just found out the problem. Check to see if the folder containing all of your EHM stuff is set to read only. If so then uncheck the box and apply to that folder and all sub folders.
  4. Every time I try to start a new game I get the message "Unable to write data to disk. Debug Info: v1.4.1 file_llist.cpp 225 (FILE_LLIST::add_node() : Cannot open file) Eastside Hockey Manager has been unable to write data to disk, reasons for this could be (1) lack of disk-space, (2) file locked by system, (3) bad sectors on disk being written to." Then when I try to load a saved game, I get the message "Unable to access data from disk. Debug Info: v1.4.1 file_llist.cpp 115 (FILE_LLIST::add_node() : Cannot append to file) Unable to access required data from disk, this could be caused by the file containing the data being locked or corrupted." If anyone knows any fix for this please let me know. I can't even play the game anymore so any help would be appreciated.
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