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  1. A couple of Questions as I get ready to start a new save with this: 1) what files of Classen's are compatible with this? are all the files currently in the first post supposed to be used? (I only ask because of the confusing nature of the existence of a CONCACAF League (which should be called COCACAF but CONCACAF is gonna CONCACAF), CONCACAF Champions League, and CONCACAF Nations League). If we opt for classen's CONCACAF Club competitions can we still use your Superliga files? Should we only select your Sudamericana file or do we check both? Is it safe to select his other nations stuff (I.e. can I select ever member of CONMEBOL and CONCACAF without issue? What about AFC countries (Pan-Pacific Championship)) Are European databases safe to select? 2) I noticed an issue where MLS 2 squads were being given their Senior Team logos and uniforms, any idea what was causing this? It wasn't an issue for the FM17 version your database, any idea what could be causing the issue this time around? Keep up the good work!
  2. I'm running into an issue where none of the MLS academies or the 2's have their correct logos. I think the issue might be tied to having applied a Name Fixes update (I've done nothing else to change the game). So my question is: if that is the source of the issue do I need to undo all of the changes that said update requires (i.e. deleting and replacing files), or can I simply not check the boxes for these changes when setting up the database? Any other ideas as to what could be causing this issue? I did have the TCM megapack loaded in but I removed the USA files so I don't think there would have been any conflict from that
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