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  1. im guessing these have probably all been mentioned before but i cant be bothered to read thru 20 odd pages to find out: 1) ai bias, im fed up of going 2 nil up away from home and losing 3-2. no matter what i change my tactics to 2) placing combined bids for players from the same club, ie, offering £50m for ronalodo and rooney, rather than bidding £30m seperatley 3) when buying a player having the ability to offer players on loan instead of permanent deals 4) having your star striker, when 1 on 1 with the keeper, heading for the corner flag 5) when you score the opposition goes STRAIGHT down the other and scores, or vice versa. yes i know it happens in real life but not 15 times a season 6) better player interaction. if a player becomes unsettled or concerned then you should have the ability to defuse the situation 7) more detailed youth set-up i could write a million more but these will do for the time being
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