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  1. do you have a link at all to the tactics thing mate? Im new here dont have a scooby what im doimg lmao. thanks a lot
  2. thank you man :), i just dont get it haha. conceding 7 against burnley lmao.
  3. Right. I just dont get it. Im currently on a save with man utd. I'm not a 'noob' to fm. I have the best coaches, all specialised training and good youth system etc etc. BUT I CANT WIN? Biggest mystery games so far in this save...losing 7-1 to burnley with my best team..(pogba, lukaku, sanchez, martial, de gea etc etc)...losing 5-0 to palace (same again)...losing 405 to Arsenal after 39 mins...and my tactics arent even bad? I play with a 4-3-2-1 formation or a 4-3-3 wide as its referred too. Good defenders (Bailly and Lindelof, both 4*s), full backs are weak 3*s (Shaw and Valencia). yet this happens? Then I start losing hope and sim for 50 days, and win all but 1 (drew to city) when it was set to use my tactics? I just dont get it? Is my game legit bugged? Ive posted on Reddit and had help from people and tried their tactics and lost without scoring against LEAGUE 1 TEAMS. Is my game bugged? I just dont get it at all. Any help would be super super apprecizted thnaks
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