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  1. Hello, do these tactics give on FM19 touch on an Android tablet? Thank you.
  2. do not give up doing good tactics for small teams, because for big teams it's easier! so I ask to continue in the small teams. Thanks for the great work.
  3. Tenho pena de ter de prescindir do Bruno Fernandes e do chico. Obrigado por responderes mano! SL.
  4. Eu sou Sportinguista e claro jogo com o Sporting, gostava de perguntar se devo jogar com o Bruno Fernandes a construtor de jogo recuado ou a médio área? Obrigado SL.
  5. Good aftetnoon, i would like to ask you the best way to defend a game, with another tactic? Or changing the mentality of attack to another? Thank you.
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