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  1. The file I uploaded has 10/6/29 as the date, and the other auto/most recent saved file has the same date as the one I uploaded. The only one with a different date is of Liverpool which is very long ago. I guess it seems impossible to fix this. I recently discovered a mixed setting starting off a new mode, this setting was responsible for the mode which the game displayed during a match. I created a thread previously on which I wrote some things about the display mode, although I have since edited the post. I just noticed I did the wrong thing when starting the Liverpool/Monaco career, al
  2. I couldn't upload the file, it says the attachment is too large and the limit is 20mb. All my three saved files are more than the 20mb limit.
  3. Thanks for your response, I played the game with my Infinix Hot 4 pro. The OS version is 6.0. I don't know where the saved file is located in my file manager, I have tried searching the FMM folder but still couldn't figure the real file. You could give some directory to where it's located.
  4. First off, I started a career mode with Liverpool, I spent about 4 seasons before I got sacked. Later on, I accepted Monaco's offer and I have spent about five seasons managing Monaco. I just concluded the fifth season, and there's this strange bug that started obstructing the progress of the game. Counting from the month of June where it updates player career stats and also process the club's finances, a bug suddenly pops up as it quits the game. And on the home screen it says, "Unfortunately FMM18 has stopped." I've tried restarting my phone plus clearing cache, yet the problem re
  5. I could imagine how you felt when you heard the fans chanting. To be sincere, these effects when added to a football game would add enough fun. Unfortunately FMM is so bad that when you score a goal it just don't give the flair of the normal football enjoyment one could have wished for. Now, I've concluded never to purchase any other versions if I noticed none of these effects were added...
  6. Okay, it's nice how you've illustrated your thoughts concerning the point of discussion. Like I said previously, it should be possible to make those who don't want it or those with low mobile device run the game without sound. For example, I had once played FIFA ULTIMATE series on my android device, and to be sincere, it was well partitioned that you've to download the game rar-file and commentary speech separately. You can choose to or not to download the commentary speech which is more than 100mb of space. And I totally agree with improving the media interactions and transfer dea
  7. At least now you've met someone who doesn't mute his device. This is football, it should be added. And when you don't like it, you're free to mute your device, it's as easy as that. We all mustn't like the same thing... And as for your data space, a lot of us don't complain about that dude. I also think it should be possible to delete or deactivate sounds data for those who don't want it. But don't think your opinion should stop others from enjoying what they would love to see or hear. This is football! Lastly, what other football manager game you think it's as branded as FMM? I don'
  8. I'm Andy by name, and I have always been a fan of football manager (mobile version). I've been playing this game for about 4 years now, and I believe the game is matured enough for proper updates. After purchasing the latest FM mobile, I noticed there wasn't much difference from the previous version. In fact, I still prefer playing the 2017 version. I don't know how possible it is to get these updates in the future, but I would suggest my opinion on it. I don't see myself wasting my funds in the future for something that is unsatisfying. While playing the FM mobile 2018, I noticed some i
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