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  1. The longest amount of injury time added on I have seen was 17 minutes. But that was in real life though.
  2. Corner Cheat?

    I didn't get an excess amount of goals using this, my one CD that I had challange the GK had 6 goals which is pretty nice. If he had 40+ or more goals I wouldn't use it cause thats way to unrealistic even for me.
  3. Former players as managers...

    Sami Hyppia managed Brighton in my game. Got sacked after 2 seasons though.
  4. Who's in your league now?

    Wow, Torquay in the Premier League. Lol.
  5. Created Kits

    I created the kits using the basic paint program btw. Thanks.
  6. Created Kits

    I know there tons of threads like this but I can't seem to add my created kits into the game, I have searched a lot of threads like this and followed everything but my kits are just not showing up. All I have is a simple home & away kit. Any help is much appreiciated. Thanks
  7. FM'08 Kit Request Thread

    Hey Marshall, nevermind about my request, my sister made me some kits lol. Thanks anyways.
  8. Can't we all play FM as one big happy family?
  9. FM'08 Kit Request Thread

    Hey, I'm bringing Charleston Battery to Major League Soccer and some actual kits would be nice. Team: Charleston Battery Kit Manufacturer: Addidas Sponsor: Ford Kits & Colours: (I'm describing the kits from the editor) Home: Wide stripes styled kit, foreground colour is black, background colour is yellow, and the trim is black on the collar. Away: Stripe Ajax styled kit, foreground colour is white, background colour is black with black trim on the collar. On both kits I would like them normal MLS style. With the Addidas logo underneath the collar, the Charleston Battery logo over the heart and the Ford logo on the centre of the shirt. One more thing, I won't know how to get the kits into my game, do I have to put them in my kit folder or something? Thanks in advance
  10. Points deductions?

    It says that Football Manager isn't running when I use it, my game is running but this message keeps coming up. Is it because i'm using Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 maybe?
  11. Help please

    Yeah, I found another thead with the same question. I had to add another team to the Northern Premier League. Thanks.
  12. Help please

    I edited a lot of things in the lower leagues in England, (bringing up promoted teams and sending down relegated teams, etc) Now when I load the database England doesn't show up in selectable leagues when I go to start a new game. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  13. Im just over a day on mine and it says "Just one more match, I promise"
  14. Help me please!!

    I'm going to buy a Mac when I go away to school next year. I will need FM when I go away to school lol
  15. im very confused...

    Don't even listen to them, they always tell me to offload players that end up being stars in my squad.