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    Im recently out of uni with a good job and an unhealthy addiction to FM!

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    Football Football Manager PS3 X-BOX 360 Occasionally going out with the missus! Lots of reading
  1. Has beens?

    Sharbel Touma had 2 great seasons for me at Southampton!
  2. This is the first save i have actually enjoyed on FM for a long time! Absoloutely walked league 1, Won 41 Drew 3 Lost 2. Lambert scored 29 and Kezman (Free) scored 18. Amazingly got to the final of the league cup, mainly down to my luck in penalty shoot outs. Got beat in the final. 1st Season Signings Alex Smithies (£575k) Jordan Spence (Loan) Samuel Schleimann ( £425k / LB) Bernard Mendy (Free) Nikola Tolimir (£375K / DM) Sharbel Touma (free) Mateja Kezman (free) Leigh Griffiths ( £250k) All deals done over 48 months. Up to the Championship, Finsihed 1st W 38 D 2 L 6 - Rickie Lambert again hitting the 20 mark. Reached the League Cup final again and got beat (Its now my aim to win this bloody trophy) Signings Jordan Spence (Permanent) Chris Eagles Currently 9th in Prem after 23 games, managed a few high profile results. We have managed the step up really well. Schneiderlin, Lallana, Chamberlain are playing well at this level. I got 22m to spend 550k wage budget, and i was very happy with my purchases: Micah Richards (£7.5m from Birmingham) Gary Cahill (£11m) Fabio Aurelio (free) Wilson Palacios (£3m - transfer listed) Charlie Adam (£4m) Demba Ba (£3.7m - transfer listed) Strongest line up at present GK: Smithies DR: Richards DC: Spence DC: Cahill DL: Schleimann DM: Palacios MC: Adam MC: Schneiderlin AMR: Eagles AML: Lallana ST: Ba Just beat Spurs 3-1 in first leg of league cup semi, so heres hoping it may be my year.
  3. Hi Guys, Sorry to start a new thread on this. Up until last night I had been playing FM11 through Steam absoloutely fine with no problems, As i submitted my team my game went into a windowed mode and a message popped up saying ;- XML Parsing Error not well formed (invalid token) at line 1of speed .xml I'd be grateful if aomebody could help me to fix this. Thanks Thomas
  4. Thats what i was thinking, thanks.
  5. Urgent Help Req guys. Im in January of my first season. 2nd in prem and still in all comps. Team looks like this; GK: Akinfeev DR: Sagna DC: Gallas DC: Vermaelen DL: Clichy DM: Moussa Sissoko MC: Fabregas MC: Ramsey AMR: Van Persie AML: Arshavin FC: Dzeko Doing really well but just had a £20 mil bid for Clichy. My question is should i accept and if so who can i replace him with. I was thinking of Sakho. Thoughts?
  6. Making up songs for players

    I made one for David Silva to the tune of "Who ate all the pies" "Who's worth more than gold" "Who's worth more than gold" "David Silva, David Silva he's worth more than gold" Love it!
  7. How far will David Beckham go ?

    As Man City i offered him £45k pw (Dont know why) He rejected me and signed for Burnley on £14.5 k pw He went on trial for a week first.
  8. This is a great tactic. Started a new game with Wigan last night (don't ask me why) in my first 10 games ive won 4 drawn 3 and lost 3 which against the calibre of opponents ive faced really isnt bad! So thanks!
  9. Hi sorry to be a pain this sounds like a great tactic but im having trouble downloading it, you couldn't possibly e-mail it to me on; Thomas_powell@hotmail.co.uk This would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Good Afternoon everyone, Im just sat at work looking at the Mark Hughes saga unfold. The tug of war between MCFC and Chelsea for his services. Would you like to see a feature like this in new fm's, where a few clubs were interested and you were in the centre of a bidding war to manage clubs?
  11. Schoolboy Error....

    Just out of interest What is your Club/Player Loyalty?
  12. Relegated But Not Sacked

    I have just taken Venlo up to the Dutch Premier Division as champions in the First Division. I also got to the Quarter Final of the Dutch Cup. Way above my 3rd round expectation. This was my first season at the club and i only signed a one year deal, which runs out on June 30th. My current date in ame is 24th June and i havent been offered a new deal yet. Im just hoping when i get home and load up i get a new deal which i think i deserve.
  13. I was just sat in a meeting at work when our MD shouts out to some git form accounts "These reports are absoloute rubbish, ive never heard of.. (half the companies on this list)" cue me and a work pal ( a fellow fm'er) getting a stern telling of for ****ing ourselves laughing in the middle of this "crucial" meeting! Absoloute Classic moment!
  14. Has it ever happened?

    That happened to me on FM07, I was playing as West Ham and all my keepers were either injured or suspended, i had a young untried keeper called David Blackmore, put him in and the boy was a revelation, he kept a clean sheet with an 8 rating! kept him in for a few more games, kept 3/5 clean sheets! at 18 i offered him a full time deal as a rotation player Up until he was 24 when he became England number 1 and he became best keeper in Europe! Lucky or what!
  15. As we all know a team has to field at least 7 players or a game cannot take place/continue. Has anyone ever seen a game on any of the series where a team has to forfeit a game because of 5 red cards?