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  1. Hey, I'm livestreaming FM on twitch right here Check it out! Cheers
  2. Up the glovers!! Shortcake all the way
  3. Liverpool FC #1 - Pre-Season & Transfers After being unveiled to the fans and press, Liverpool FC's rookie new manager Elegant Scoop began preparations for the season ahead. Having to bat off journalist and fans' doubts about his ability was tough, but he was ready. Scoop was looking to adopt a 4-3-3 formation with a DM and Wingers. Pre Season was decent, Scoop arranged a friendly tournament at Anfield which would be named the Profit Cup. He invited Dortmund, Bayern, and PSG to take part. Here's how it went: So, a decent pre-season. The battering from PSG wa
  4. Liverpool FC - An Introduction Having been an FM Handheld/Older versions of FM player since I was a small boy, it's time for me, Elegant Scoop, to dip my feet into a proper in depth Football Manager save. I'm not a noob by any means, but various factors such as school, work, college, socializing etc. have put me off buying and playing the full computer version of the game and spending time developing tactics and all that goes with it. An injury to my right hand has put me out of work for 6 weeks and left me with time to do something, so FM18 it will be. Liverpool FC, a team that
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