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  1. Pointless post. I'm sorry but it winds me up when people post this sort of drool on in a thread that someones taken their time writing just to help others.Great thread though zanman, a few points in there that I'd never considered whilst watching a match.
  2. Bruno Martins Indi on a free, sold on after 2 solid seasons for 35million to Man City. Thank you very much Bruno.
  3. I'd wait until young Graeme is ready to step up into the England captains role and then take them to World Cup glory and not get to distracted from creating a Chelsea legacy trying to prematureley win it. I got a bit worried when I read about your save corrupting but very glad to see it working again. Great season Bracken, looking forward to the next one
  4. Oh really, I've never noticed, just sat and fumed over bigger teams poaching my staff
  5. My game has also just updated and I've just noticed that you can chat to your staff and ask them to stay if another club approaches them. Unsure whether it's part of this little update??
  6. Very interested to see how you get on this season having only promoted players into the first team rather than buying a couple in. Were you not tempted during the transfer window to bring in a marquee signing?
  7. Keep him for one more year, after all he is a club icon and look at whats going on IRL at the moment with the Chelsea fans wanting Lampard to be given a new contract.
  8. I think I'm in love with your updates Bracken and the detail that you put into them. Looking forward to the next one!
  9. It's probably easily implemented into the game, but in the meantime can you not just manually save it after every match if your experiencing crash dumps and want to preserve you're save?
  10. Solid start to the new season Bracken. If the first few games are anything to go by, the title could be decided by the tightest of margins this season. Do you think you've got the balance right so far with all the players you've brought into the squad this term or are you worried about the more youthful and inexperienced players coping with the pressure of retaining the title? Looking forward to your next update and good luck against City.
  11. Fantastic idea for a career thread Bracken. This could quite easily be turned into a guide you've described what you doing so well Looking forward to seeing your Chelsea team in a few seasons time.
  12. Great thread and a great way of showing how much this role brings to a team under the radar. The DLP defend role has Michael Carrick written all over it and having watched the majority of Man Utd matches this year, I've got to say the similarities of how he plays in real life compared to how this role performs in FM are unreal.
  13. Keep them at your club, tutoring them until their personality develops and they've learnt the PPM's you want for their role, giving them occasional game time in the first team until they're around first team level. Then either promote them, or if you don't have room in your squad, then I'd loan them out to a suitable club. You should give Cleon's Ajax thread a read in the tactics forum, it's all about young player development.
  14. Lewandowski & Gotze look to have had small bump-ups and Gundogan appears to have lost a point here and there.
  15. Yeah, the day after I wrote this I realized I'd completely misread one of the ingame hints & tips...Thought I'd got one over you there On another note, I'm a few games into the new season on my game and having setup a similar preseason to your own the difference in the players is really noticeable. They look zippy and up for it, whereas in previous seasons I've always struggled through the first few matches just putting it down to it being early season.
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