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  1. Has any one done a Clyde save on FM 18?, Just wondering how you got on and how far you took them. I'm currently second season LL1 sitting on a pretty 6th come February ,6 points of promotion. Also could do with a winger,help a brother out? Peace
  2. My question is your go to beverage/snack/thing you have when playing FM,tea,beer,vodka,coke? Mines is a fat joint haha,a must to control yourself from flipping out Yours?
  3. Do you have any staff you try and take to every club you go to?,I have one scout, one coach and one U23's assistant manager who started my career with me and have now progressed 8 years together. Most recently to join the boys is the one and only Christian Ronaldo as assistant manager. So do you have any you keep together?
  4. He's amazing,how many goals he get for you?
  5. Has anyone else ever signed Alessandro Rossi from Lazio before?,I signed him for Stoke City in 2021 and he is a beast,overall-Apps-147, Goals-114 including a 49 goal first season,a golden boot,breaking all sorts of records. I then moved to Liverpool and took him with me for £42 million and so far a 33 goal season and breaking more Liverpool records and probably on to another 40 goal season. So anyone else signed him?
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