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  1. ^^^ it happens quite a lot like that. Last season Keita wanted to go to Barca as they are a "bigger club" (even though we beat them in Champs league final and are the most reputable club in the world) and Sergej wanted to go to PSG as they have "better players" ( even though we beat them in SF's 6-1 on aggregate). He's currently agreed to stay as long as my signings meet his approval! The only big name who left was Mane and that was because I wasn't playing as he didn't fit the system any more.
  2. ^^^ They may not go. Firminho was off to City in every transfer window of the first 3 seasons in my save and a bid never came in, although even having won the title and the champions league in both 1st and second season he still fancied a move to a "bigger club"! I got shot of Moreno sharpish!
  3. What effect does manager pay actually have? I tend to negotiate down to save on the wages!
  4. Season 4 and playing against defensive 4141's every single week is getting a touch dull! Trying to shift away from the 433 assymetric we've played for the first 3 seasons to a 3412/5212 (depending on your perspective), but the free flowing football isn't free or flowing at the moment thanks to the 9 defenders every week! Europe has been a different story thankfully, RBL were beaten 4-0 away and 7-0 at home!
  5. I think at the start of the tournament if someone had said you can have Tunisia, Panama, Colombia and then Switzerland/Sweden as your route to the semi's most people would probably have said yes please!
  6. Jan S3 and I've played against defensive 4-1-4-1 systems in pretty much every single match this season! Having to find a way to break down teams with 9 men in and around their penalty area each match is getting a touch tiresome!
  7. Roughly halfway through season 3 and the youngsters up front are coming on nicely! Wilson got a chance with Mane seemingly permanently injured and has made the place his own (still can't get himself a Wales call up though!) Woodburn is quality, but at the moment Brewster is the main back up to Salah up front and has scored 16 in 14 and is apparently the new Jimmy Greaves.
  8. Same here! Halfway through season 3 of a Liverpool save and up until the charity shield Chelsea had a 5-0 winning record against me (which I hadn't realised until it came up in a press conference). Finally beat them in the shield on penalties and then in the first league fixture 2-0. Had to switch away from our usual asymmetric 4-3-3 to a 4-1-4-1 and play on the counter though to do it.
  9. No major changes between season 2 and 3 for me. Fabinho came in as I was contemplating a change of system (although I think I have since changed my mind, but he gives a bit more flexibility if i do decide come back to the experiment later), but he will rotate with Hendo in the Dlp position, with Savic and Keita rotating for the Mez role. Spurs offered 50m for Clyne with only a year on his contract, so off he went as that's too good an offer for me, so Trippier is in as his replacement for 20m. Rui Patricio is in at GK to take over from Karius for around 11m and to bring a bit more leadership to the squad. Aside from that goal this season is to give more game time to Woodburn, Brewster and Wilson (and maybe try the alternative system again)
  10. Season 2 done and dusted and we won everything bar the 2 domestic cups. The highlight being an 11-3 aggregate win over Inter in the Champions League SF. First leg away was a scrappy 2-1 win, followed by a 9-2 home win in the second leg using the counter attacking version of our tactic! Inter went 2-1 With both goals from kondogbia, so closed him off quickly and suddenly went rampant. Some of the goals were incredible, with the interplay between Salah, Mane, Firminho and Savic looking amazing - hopefully will find a way of getting that more often in season 3! Not sure what to do in the transfer market though, Karius still a bit lightweight so maybe a new keeper, Milner is off by his choice and Lallana probably off by my choice as I'd rather invest time in Wilson and Liam Miller. Solanke might be on his way too as I can't see him getting enough game time ahead of Woodburn as back up to Salah. So, unless a ridiculous offer comes in for Mane or similar and he gets the hump I can't see any major changes in the starting 11 unless we change formation. Decisions decisions!
  11. Second season drawing to a close, has been much more challenging than the first with the old "Second season syndrome" kicking in quite early on and tons of teams playing flat back 5's against us! Started experimenting with alternative systems, but in the end came back to plan A and tweaked the instructions depending on what the opposition were up to. Currently 8 points clear with 4 to play and in the semis of Champs League. The Ox has been outstanding as an IW in the M(r) slot and is currently the league's highest rated player. Mo is on to break 50 goals. Savic came in with Keita in the summer and they were joined by Lemar in Jan for a ridiculous fee, but the money was there and Mané kept getting injured so needed some cover. Not close to justifying his price so far, but hope he will kick on in season 3. Definitely not getting some of the offers fpr players that others are getting though. 55mil for Lallana?!?!
  12. De Ligt has to be one of the best bargains in relative terms, bought him first season as I shipped Lovren out immediately and alongside Van Dijk hes been brilliant. The Ox has been my biggest surprise, performing superbly as an IW on the right.
  13. Finally got around to finishing my first season, after the amazing comeback win over Real, the rest of the Champions League proved to be relatively straightforward as we beat Sporting 5-1 in the quarters, Porto 4-1 in the semis and Barca 2-0 in the final. In the league we won by 8 points, scoring 101 and conceding 34. Part of me is disappointed as I kind of wanted to build the team up over a season or 2 to get to that position, but at the same time can't complain! The off season has seen a few out the door including Mignolet, Origi, Ings, Wijnaldum, Allan, Flanagan, Gujic and Markovic. Hopefully Sturridge and Can will be following them. Keita and Milinkovic-Savic are in, and I'm pondering a utility forward, but the Mane, Firmino, Salah axis was pretty strong with 21 goals and 23 assists, 33 goals and 20 assists and 40 goals and 18 assists respectively!
  14. Dell website, is on sale so reduced from £1700 to £1490 ish. I've been a MacBook pro user since 2002, but just couldn't justify an extra £1000 to have Mac OS plus all new peripherals as the MBP only has usb-c. Having turned the XPS into a "signature edition" laptop and turned off all the annoying "suggestions" and adverts, I could get used to win 10, especially as with the latest update it is starting to look quite good and function well (famous last words!)
  15. Dell XPS15 4k. Just bought one for my photography work (the equivalent MacBook Pro is £1000 more and has no SD card reader anymore). Did a fresh install of win10 to get rid off the bloat and it absolutely sings along, smashing Photoshop and lightroom and Fm2018 too.
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