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  1. The "reluctance to leave" message that blocks a newly signed player from leaving for either transfer or loan should not apply in the loaning out scenario, for at player that was signed, but which failed his work permit. Likely Scenario: One just bought this young Brazilian with huge potential, whilst one's club is located in England (regular WP rules are maintained in my case), but he failed to get a work permit, since he hasn't come of age to be relevant for the Brazil squad. It is in your AND the player's best interest to go on loan, get some playing time, and make a name for himself. The world recognizes this potential, and 11+ clubs are interested in loaning the player. There should be no reluctance to leave on loan here! Is he supposed to prefer training along but getting 0 match-experience of any kind? Any player would prefer a loan! :) Thank you for listening, Kirluu~