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  1. Hi I did that last night and i haven't encountered any crashes yet!
  2. Cooperjak

    FM 18 Crash On save

    Hi @Jimbokav1971 Great! I had tried all those solutions before but none worked for me... I will try running it with the integrated graphics card, it will run worse but at least it will be playable i believe. Hopefully Nvidia will fix this issue. Thanks for all the effort you've had in finding this solution, I was getting sick of this. Edit: I have tested it and i haven't encountered any crashes. Think it's fixed. I'll report if it isn't.
  3. Cooperjak

    FM 18 Crash On save

    This is very frustrating! Have you tried any solutions online? Im currently looking to see if overclocking might be a solution from what i've seen online. I'm just afraid to permanently mess my pc up so i probably won't do it unless i have no other options... If you come along a solution, please share because it really could help out a lad ahah. best of luck
  4. Cooperjak

    FM 18 Crash On save

    Hey @Jimbokav1971 I have just noticed that you have the same cpu and Gpu as me. Interesting that i encounter the same BSOD as you do. While in BSOD,under the videotdrfailure i also see "nvlddmkm.sys". Do you get that too?
  5. I loaded the save but it crashed after a day or 2. Here it is: DxDiag.txt
  6. I used a graphics driver uninstaller so i think so, yes. What i thought was weird was that windows recognised the driver as updated but then i went to the nvidia website and there were updates to it. Thats how i got Furmarker to work. I also tried Fm out but it didn't solve it
  7. Hi again, I let the test run for 25 min and there weren't any issues. What now?
  8. Hey Neil, thanks for answering i've installed furmark but can't run the test because it says it needs a opengl 2.0 compliant graphics controller... I have a GtX geforce 1050 gpu + a second one from intel but it doesnt let me run the test. Any ideas? Edit1: forget all I've said it's running the test now. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, Unfortunely i cannot play more than 2 matches in a row before the game crashes while processing. I had a few problems with my asus laptop a while back so it went to repair a few times and before that the game ran fine ( probably before the update). I performed all the steps you provide before creating a new topic and sometimes it works and i get to play a game or 2 but then it crashes again. What i have noticed is that sometimes it crashes the day after a game. I have reinstalled the graphics drivers but didnt solve the issue. Another thing: I sometimes get BSOD ( videotdrfailure) while playing fm especially when im listening to music at the same time. I've tried to put my crash dump file in here but i can't find it in the location that you point out... And i can't upload my game because when i try to upload it there pops a notification up saying that it can only be 9.77 mb eventhough my games is 60k kb in size... As you may have noticed already im a complete noob when it comes to computers. Please help. Thanks