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  1. Hi all, I would like to ask if you guys have any strategy in place when it comes to buying rotation players/back up and possibly youngsters. Like for example what age gap should the First Team players and rotation players (or backup) be? At what age should the senior player be before you find youngsters to replace him, i.e when he is reaches 30 or when he has 1 more year in his contract before he retires (at age 33/34). So to clarify what I am asking, I want to know age gap between Seniors - rotation/backup - youngsters. The reason I am asking this is because I buy players without paying much attention to their age and when it comes to their retirement age I have 2-3 players retiring at the same time so this is something i want to avoid. I normally use a squad size of 25 - 11 FT and 11 Rotation + 3 youngsters (U21). Kind Regards, Jon
  2. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the Bosman Rule I am not sure if this is a bug or a game design. I am managing Arsenal if that helps. So by my understanding, if a player's contract has less than 6 months left on it, any team can make a pre-contract offer so that the player joins them when their current contract expires. Like Goretzka for example. So I have a player for example Ozil whose contract is expiring on 30/6/2021 but when I click on the offer contract button it says he has no interest in negotiating terms or something along those lines. Now what I am wondering is why in January when the winter transfer window is open no foreign teams would offer Ozil a pre-contract? I went through the whole of January and nothing. I re-loaded my save game and this time I did something different I put Ozil up for transfer and Manchester United made a bid on him. So is this a bug in the game or is it by design so that we get to keep the player we want keep ? Please let me know your thoughts. Kind Regards, Jon
  3. Hi, I have some questions regarding about Football Manager Mobile 2018. I have tried searching on the forum here but I did not find the information I need and I would rather have someone who works for SI to answer my questions rather than some random user (sorry user!). I have found some information on fmmvibe and fmmobile but I am not sure if those information are accurate or just user's opinions. Basically, these are the roles i have chosen for my tactic: Goalkeeper WingBack and FullBack (depending on the match) Central Defender Central Midfielder Deep-Lying Playmaker Inside Forward Advanced Playmaker Poacher So my questions are as follows: Question 1 Which are the key attributes and the preferred attributes for each of the roles mentioned above? Question 2 Which attributes does each of the focus (Fitness, Tactics, Attacking, Goalkeeping, Defensive and Motivational) training improves? Question 3 Which attributes CANNOT be trained nor will it increase by match experience? Question 4 Which attributes are hidden and affects the current ability or potential ability I hope you would be able to answer each of my questions. Kind Regards, Jon