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  1. I know, that is my fear also, I see so many sign ups and experiments started that seem to be really interesting but they end up just dying off...I might just try it someday on my own at home for fun and then when I get a decent computer start a thread here.
  2. Lower Leagues Rule - I would love to see that list, never know when I might actually try to attempt this myself.
  3. Yeah, sorry, meant Yugoslavia, wasn't trying to be pretentious or anything, just have always been used to writing it that way.
  4. I would like to see a sign-up started which included a created league for the former Jugoslavia. Not really sure what the competition would be specifically, just thought it would be cool to have a league with all the former-Jugoslav teams competing against each other again. i.e. The best Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, etc. clubs. Also, maybe following Jugoslavia as a country on the international stage (interesting to see how all the different sub-nationalities do together on one team). Wish I could try this myself but between a horrible computer and work I wouldn't have time.
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