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  1. Sure, will give that a go and see if it fixes the issue.
  2. Hi, I have been enjoying the game on Switch however I have come across this issue several times over the past 5 days, which has required a full game close/restart to get it going again. At seemingly random moment's in the game when pressing continue and the 'processing' screen is showing (when days are advancing until the next match, etc) the game will get stuck at the processing screen. I have tried leaving the game for 30 minutes but it never loads. I need to press the home button, close Football Manager Touch 2018 and load the game again and lose whatever progress I have made from my last save state, I have the game set to save every week so this isn't too big of an issue but is becoming an annoyance as it has happened 10+ times now. Team Managed: Edinburgh City Leagues Loaded: All Scottish, English and Spanish leagues. In-Game date: Several dates, can happen at any point. Installed: SD Card Reproduce issue: Play through the game in handheld or docked mode - happens more often in handheld. Has anyone else had this issue with more information to add? Thanks.
  3. Hi! If you move the mouse cursor over a players name when you are in the reserve squad and hit the X button, a submenu will open - from here you can move which squad they are in. This will also work for moving first team players to the reserve squad!
  4. As a huge PC Gamer, I have been thuroughly enjoying my Switch - the fact I can take it with me and play the system wherever I please is something that fits in to a busy or hectic lifestyle well. Last night I picked up the system for the first time in 3 weeks or so and noticed Football Manager Touch 2018 was on the eShop! I have been a fan from the very first Football Manager game so I jumped at the chance to play it on the Switch. I am enjoying it so far and runs relatively smoothly. However, it takes quite some time to boot the game up if I have fully exited the application, the controls could use some more fine-tuning as I feel they just aren't as intuitive as they could be, I'd like to have the option to run more than a few leagues and have even more save slots. Enjoying the game otherwise!
  5. As the others have said, it is not possible for cross save between Nintendo Switch and PC, however I hope it is something that is implemented in future iterations.
  6. Huge fan of FM on PC and the Switch just fits my lifestyle; I like the pick-up and play gameplay that the Switch can offer me on any game I play. Football Manager Touch 2018 on the system is a perfect combination, I bought it last night and I have been enjoying it. I just wish the controls were a bit more intuitive. The sales of the game will determine whether or not the series has a future on the console, which I really hope it does.
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