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  1. Because I tried to put the files into the shortlist folder and it didn't work out hahahah
  2. Yeah, sure, but that happens during the same game too. I was hoping this could be done because of the ID of the players being the same every year.
  3. When I start a save I always pick up all the players I like and know very well in real life, and it's a lot, so I was hoping If I could just import my old save shortlist in the FM18...
  4. Hi guys, since Wenger stepped down on friday, I get a new idea of putting Arsenal into the League One, starting again with youngsters in a whole new cycle hahaha So Is it possible to put Arsenal straight there with enough replacement to every league? (I did the test competition thing and after the new date Arsenal was in the championship. Is it because of the year who changed so it's normal and Arsenal will be in L1 in the game?) To give this more 'realism' I also created a very bad debt for the team, and kick Kroenke and Gazidis out, with Flamini being the new owner. How much do you guys think it's fair for the club to pay without getting in trouble? I put 350M to be payed in one year, since I'm going to sell all the players who would not play in the f**ng third division. Thanks.
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