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  1. I would have thought the tab s3 would have been better then shield being the newer tablet?
  2. Ant190112

    Lenovo yogabook

    What a pain looks like I'm stuck in my to the pc version. Thanks for your time
  3. Ant190112

    Lenovo yogabook

    Just like this
  4. Ant190112

    Lenovo yogabook

    Hi it's doesn't show up on the play store unless I find it through Google then it say device not compatible, is there any way you can change that? Thanks
  5. Ant190112

    Lenovo yogabook

    Is there anyway of making it available on the playstore as I'm sure it will run with no issues?
  6. Ant190112

    Lenovo yogabook

    Seems a perfect tablet for the game
  7. Ant190112

    Lenovo yogabook

    Thanks for reply I'm using android but I can't download via play store, really hoping this can be sorted as the tablet is of a good spec ,is there anything you can do to save me having to change tablet . Thanks
  8. Hi Does anyone know of a way to get the game for this tablet? Thanks in advance
  9. Ant190112

    Compatible tablet devices

    Hi there any chance you can make the game work on my Lenovo yogabook Atom processor 4gb ram Thanks
  10. Ant190112

    Lenovo Yoga Book

    ??? Any reason why this can't be added to the list
  11. Please could you add to supported devices I'm a long term user desperate to play again
  12. Ant190112

    Yoga book help

  13. Could any mods please help as to why fm18 touch is not available for the Lenovo yoga book ! Seems perfect tablet to play the game
  14. Ant190112

    Lenovo Yoga Book

    Anyone know why it's not available