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  1. Hello. So this thing happened to me - I was playing FM18 in my 10-year save with Milan and the Italy national team. I got to the most important game of my career - the World Cup final with Italy. It was a tremendous match and I won 4-2. The problem is, while I was so hyped about the win I tried to upload a highlight package and the game got stuck on "generating match report" (Picture) Now I'm afraid to close FM because maybe it will delete this amazing achievement. Sidenote: I did save the match (not the game as a save)... Another sidenote: The background stuff is not stuck, like the images of the stadium are changing and the Hints and Tips are changing too. It is only the bar that is stuck Please help me...
  2. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to FM (started playing in FM17) I've recently started a huge legends database in FM18, based on another database i've found. I was about to finish it, but then it happened: I tried to search for a player's name (Dida) but instead of searching it on the database\filter by name, I accidentally went to database changes\filter by name. I filtered out every change except Dida and I lost all my progress. Is there any way to get my database back? Please help, I've spent so much time on it...
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