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  1. I've made your changes and went through four 0-0's in a row, so I'm going back to FM18 where it was actually possible to score without resorting to a gegenpressing system.
  2. Most of our games this season have been really low-scoring - either 1-0 wins, 0-0 draws or 1-1 draws, so although I'm aiming for a 'score one more' mentality as you said, it's certainly not that at the moment. My centrebacks are quick and have high anticipation and agility, so I don't think playing a high-line is a problem. Ideally I'd like to build a team around this guy, who at 17 is insane (and one of the reasons I decided to manage this team): Here's a new formation, scrapping the AP. Would the carrilero stay deep enough to cover the WB(At)? Is this the best way to ut
  3. I've started a save as Barcelona in the year 2031, where they're distinctly not as good as they are now (they came 6th place last season). I've created a 433 which is doing alright, but I'm unsure over roles. Basically, the idea is that the AP on the left comes deep and drifts inside and the deep-lying playmaker drops deep alongside the DM to give the AP room and to cover the space left by the advanced left-wingback. Is DLP(Su) the right role for this (maybe if I gave the player the PPM 'comes deep to get ball?)? Is it possible to make the desired movement, where the DM shifts left and the DLP
  4. I've got a question - how important is flair, and how does it influence a player's decisions? I can understand its importance for creative, attacking players (eg. advanced playmakers, trequartistas, etc), but I've found a defensive midfielder who looks amazing (15+ first touch, tackling passing, anticipation, decisions, etc), but he's only got 2 flair. I'm assuming that this will mean that he'll generally only play short, safe passes and rarely seek to unlock defenses with through balls? How will this affect his general play on the ball? Cheers
  5. I'm fully aware that this is FM17 (I can delete it if I shouldn't be posting it here), but I came back to the game to have a look at the PA/CA's of my best players in my FM17 Southampton save. This guy is currently sitting on CA 200, making him better than Messi and Ronaldo: He's been an absolute monster for me (this season he got 53 goals in 46 starting appearances), and he's scored some of the most insane goals I've ever seen in FM. Sorry if I shouldn't be posting FM17-related stuff, but I've never had such a good player
  6. Thanks @jaysdailydose! I've scrolled through the thread and there's some awesome stuff in here. Anyway, I present the world of 2029 (I know I said 2027 originally, but I wanted to make the save pretty much all newgens): Long gone are the days of Messi and Ronaldo - the best (or rather, the most expensive) players in the world are now Di Giacomo and Rodriguez. Belgium won the 2026 World Cup and Bayern won this years Champion's league. This is what the Premier League looks like as of November the 6th: Yes, Crystal Palace is coming second. So, looks like I'm managing a rema
  7. I'm really keen to take part - one twist though, I want to start my save in 2027. Is that alright? Edit - Also, why should we only load English leagues? Doesn't that make continental competition less competitive?
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I've noticed that poaching other clubs' youth intake prospects is a lot harder this year (the players tend to not enter contract negotiations). Are there any strategies for signing them? I'm playing as Ajax, so I usually don't, but there's a newgen with 3.5* CA at 15 years old...
  9. Cheers herne. Another question, sorry - how wide do mezzalas drift? Do they push out to the half-space, or all the way to where a winger would operate? I'm trying to figure out whether to partner one with a IF or a winger.
  10. What's the difference between a DLP(D) in the midfield strata compared to one playing in the DM strata? I'm playing with a midfield three, and I've heard previously that playing with the holding mid in the midfield strata (and no-one in the DM strata) pushes the LCM and RCM further apart and makes the space between midfield and defense more compact? Is this true? And would a holding midfielder playing in the DM strata drop deeper in both possession and in defense?
  11. In my experience English fans (in all sports) can be pretty... unstable (compared to other country's fans)? Not sure if that's the best way to put it (and I mean no offense - I know/hope that the ones I'm talking about are in the minority), but y'all seem to fluctuate between a massive sense of entitlement (eg. "it's coming home" as soon as they've beaten Tunisia), and being hopelessly pessimistic and defeatist. I mean, jeez, your country's team just made it to the semis of the Football World Cup - they were big underdogs to do that, and they're a young squad with bucket loads of potential.
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