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  1. @Luke Rumble Please tell me I'm an idiot .... I think the cross sync function only works FMT18 (iPad) ---> FMT18 (PC) not FMT18(iPad) --> full game FM18? because what I've been doing is FMT18 --> regular FM18 & FM18 --> FMT18 please tell me Im an idiot .... that would solve this mystery
  2. Hi @Luke Rumble, As mentioned earlier, after the pop up "game successfully saved on the cloud, exit FM and it would be uploaded" I waited until the percentage disappear - however, I still don't see save file on my iPad. Vice versa, when I save my game on the iPad via the cross-sync function, I don't see the save file on my PC. I have fully uninstall the app on the iPad and re-install it again. What I am going to do next is fully re-install FM 2018 on my PC and see if it works. Thanks,
  3. @Luke Rumble Wait a min ... So I was curious and check back on Steam from PC ... and this is what I saw ... It stayed like this for about 30 seconds and the blue text disappear. But I still cant see my saved file on tablet. any more recommendation?
  4. @Luke Rumble Well correct me if I am wrong ... so this is what I did .... To save on the PC: 1. click Save Game As 2. click the "cloud" symbol 3. name the file 4. a pop comes up saying something along the line of "game succesfully saved on the cloud, exit FM and it would be uploaded". then I go to my iPad about 2 minutes later On the iPad 1. I click cross - sync 2. I log in to my steam account sucesfully 3. This is where the problem is: I didn't see my saved game file that I just saved 2 minutes ago Now you said something about whether the game has finish downloading? umm I didn't check yet but I mean I've been playing the game for 18 hours (according to steam) Im pretty sure it has finish uploading yes?
  5. @Luke Rumble I also created a new file on tablet (to see if it shows up on PC) and no, it does not show up either. In summary, PC -> iPad: can not see my saved file from PC on the tablet iPad -> PC: can not see my saved file from tablet on the PC As if the steam cloud isn't operating.
  6. Hi @Luke Rumble, Sorry for my poor explanation. The pop for steam and cross-sync (on iPad) did show. However, the actual game file did not show. So in essence, I can not play the game that I played on PC on my tablet because the file isn't showing up on my tablet. I tried moving the file from PC to tablet via iTunes, but its not working either. What do you suggest me do?
  7. Hello, So my error is a little bit different from the thread that has been posted. I already uploaded my save file on the cloud from the computer (sucessfully) I logged in on my ipad via steam however, my save game can not be viewed as if its not even on there. what should I do?
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