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  1. Hello FM people , I play now a couple of years FM , starting a save ( always PSV Eindhoven ) and play it the whole year. I would love it when i can keep the saves for multiple FM editions because now I need to start in 2019 again. Is this something that is planned for in the feature, or am i the only one who love to see this ; ) ?
  2. I hope it will be fully released next friday , THE traditional friday release day ; )
  3. Does someone allready found the answer in FM20 ? Is there still a money limit ? Is the money still "lost" and nowhere to find in the finance tabs when it goes to a "investment funds"? Thanks.
  4. After I won the league,(I am mostly champion around the beginning of March), and also friendly matches instant results would be handy.
  5. Yeah but these skins can cause troubles like Neil Brock just said above: "It isn't designed to work with Full FM and potentially causes a number of problems,"
  6. Thanks for your answer. I understand. But it would be nice if it would be possible to add it in the settings menu, so people do not need to download the unsupported skins.
  7. Hello , What is the reason that there is still no instant result in the full game ?
  8. In FM19 the nr 1 of the coeffincie list was invisible and they start counting from nummer 2 . Then SI came with a "fake fix " to make the nr 2 of the list the nr 1, but the nr 1 was still invisible. Please fix this in FM 20.
  9. And even if they can't fix it , why don't they make it visible how much money there is in the investment funds ?
  10. I read on different post that it had to do with the 32-bit architecture . There used to be a bug in fm where hitting £2bn bank balance would set your balance to -£2bn, it's to avoid that
  11. But is the "investment funds " now removed ?
  12. Like every year : PSV Eindhoven. This edition played until 2042. I load almost all leagues , i notice not much difference in loading times between 6 competitions or almost all.
  13. Good afternoon, I saw that FM20 will be 64 bit , will this be the end of the ( stupid and ridiculous ) "investment funds". I hope so because in my last save i think the board put every season like 100 million Euro in a funds and i can not find where the money stays.
  14. Good afternoon, First of all, sorry for my bad grammar. One of the new features of FM19 is that you get notified when a player reach his "peak" on a position. So for example you had this message for the central defender position. But later in the game you improve his "strength and positioning" , does this not make him a better player anymore ? I think he would be a better defender when he improved his positioning and strength. Or you have a winger and he reached his peak , but later in the game he improved his speed , does this not make him a better player ? I think he would be with a better speed a better player as a winger. I think this is a weird and unrealistic new feature. Or do i understand this wrong ?
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