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  1. Denzel Dumfries ( PSV Eindhoven ) has ( natuurlijke fitheid ) try to translate it to English "natural fitness ? " of "1 out of 20" . This great back has a super condition and runs whole match as a wingback. Did not have any big injuries so far as i know. Plays 3 matches a week @ PSV Eindhoven. So i think there is something wrong ?
  2. Good afternoon, First of all, sorry for my bad grammar. One of the new features of FM19 is that you get notified when a player reach his "peak" on a position. So for example you had this message for the central defender position. But later in the game you improve his "strength and positioning" , does this not make him a better player anymore ? I think he would be a better defender when he improved his positioning and strength. Or you have a winger and he reached his peak , but later in the game he improved his speed , does this not make him a better player ? I think he would be with a better speed a better player as a winger. I think this is a weird and unrealistic new feature. Or do i understand this wrong ?
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