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  1. Good afternoon , Is SIGames still working on a ME update or are there no improvements coming and we need to wait for FM21 ?
  2. Good evening , Normally I start a save after the release and keep playing this for a very long time. This year because of the bugs i stopped playing after a week. Now i want to start a new save after the Winter Update release ,because of the ME fix and the coming winter update. Now is my question : For example if I start a new save after the Winter Update : - Is you career starting from 1st of March ? - If the save is starting from summer 2019 how does it work then with the transfer updates ? For example , Is Bergwijn automatic transfering in the winter
  3. Good evening , Does the previous big match engine update also include PA/CA changes / updates ? Or will the PA / CA changes be in the next winter update ? Thanks in forward.
  4. But the game was never so broken as now. The transfer update is not important , the bug fix is important.
  5. If March would be the case then they could better release FM 21 in Juli.
  6. That would be a joke , march is around 8 weeks before the end of the season lmao
  7. I think he means that they released yesterday a new beta after the full release,..... FM20 is more like: You buy a car in the 2nd week of november and you get the car delivered , but it's undriveable because the 4 tires will be delivered over 3 months. After 3 months you get the message that that you will receive square tires , a so called "new beta" and need to be tested. I think that it is insane that it takes almost 3 months to fix the bugs , you could almost design a whole new ME. How is it possibe that a fine engine like FM18 / 19 become like this ?
  8. Just curious , does it really matter how good your striker is ? Finishing 20 or 5 ? Because one vs one always miss. My players had around 13 for finishing , are here people who played with high rating for finishing ?
  9. If your tactic is that you will play counter attack through the middle with giving balls into space , then the game is unplayable. It has nothing to do with breaking a defense down or sometimes losing a game. If your tactic is to get players one on one with the keeper then you will not win because of a bug.
  10. So you enjoy these type of games ? I think this is unfinished product. Ofc there were bugs in FM18 and FM19 but not so extreme as this. Edit. And you last sentence is just the point. We buy a new version so we expect value for money and not that we need to go back to CM00/01 settings.
  11. Yeah i think so , he was tweeting about this the last days. Tactical voting they called it or something like this.
  12. I just don't understand how you can release a product that is not ready. Because the game is just unplayable. Maybe people that play FM for the first time will enjoy this game , but people who played FM for a longer period all know that the match engine was way better before. So how is it possible that you make a worse engine then it was before ? It's like making you same exam twice , you know what to do but you get a lower grade.
  13. Good afternoon , Is there any information about a new update that's gonna fix the 1 vs 1 / penalty problems in the match engine. Thanks in forward,
  14. Looks like nothing has influence on the players. Have a 4 star player with good finishing , misses almost every one on one. His individual training is stand on "afwerken ( probarly finishing in English version ). So i tried to plan 5 extra sessions "finishing" the next week to help the team finish one on one and guess what. 7 one on one and 7 times he miss. lmao. I miss the FM18 match engine.....
  15. Good afternoon, Please give your advice because the following thing ruined my game enjoyment. I was searching last week to my club PSV Eindhoven and FM on google. Now I came by accident on a FM database from sortioutsi and there i saw different PA/CA stats from players and clubs. It feels like they spoiled the game. And it feels that i cheated because i saw the PA/CA stats. Would you consider this as cheating ?
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