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  1. I have about 15 players with 4 stars potential sitting in my reserve team and waiting for a chance, a 3 star player is absolutely useless for me "in the grand scheme of things" and I'm definitely not going to give him any first team chances. Even in Premier league 3 star usually means he has a PA of 120~130, at most. (depending on your team though). And I sincerely doubt that anyone, I mean any real players playing the game, would project a 3 star (PA compare with your own team) "one of your brightest prospects". Any ordinary reserve team would have more than 10 3 stars and usually you see absolutely none of them made it to the first team, and in real life I don't think any ordinary Crystal Palace fan would think they have 10 very good prospects in the grand scheme of things sitting in their reserve team and must not be sold. And you definitely don't see De Bruyne complaining about wanting to leave because Man City sold one of their 20 "future first teamers sitting in reserve team" irl. If the game projects 3 stars as first-teamers and key players would complain if you sell them then the game has serious problems and has to be fixed. But I've come to notice, in recent years, that in most FM forums, even though everybody knows the match engine is flawed, the dynamic system has many problems and there are bugs everywhere, the game is always right whenever anyone dares to complain. So yes, the said key player complaining about me selling a 3 star is absolutely realistic, I see. Perhaps it's because of my tactic. Thanks and ta-ta.
  2. Really, this unhappy players thing is getting very very annoying and frustrating now. AC Milan offered 5m for one of my young players in the reserve team, who only have 3 stars for potential on his scout report and definitely not going to make it to the first team, so I gladly accepted. Only one of my key players comes to me and tells me I've made a great mistake by selling "one of our brightest aspects" and gets really unhappy about this. I mean seriously what the buck. In FM2018 you really can't sell any players without making one of your lads upset. Sometimes you can talk sense into them, sometimes you don't. And now he's complaining to teammate and not performing in matches. Seriously, why is every player in the game a lunatic? The logic of this game is simply wonderful.
  3. "In your example, you sold a player valued at 28 million and listed for 20 million. That is excellent value for a transfer listed player, you should not complain." I did not complain, I merely stated the fact that " Sometimes you could actively sell a player and still got something around his value, if you managed to draw the interests from big clubs. If you don't best you could do is taking them off the list and playing them, and wait for next transfer window." As a player I would also expect to sign a transfer-listed player with a price lower than I normally would, but I don't think anyone in his right mind would submit a non-negotiable offer of 625K for a player on a 10k/w wage contract valued at 28m. Your example backed me up. You managed to sell your backup left back for 7.5m, somewhere close to his market value, because it was Barcelona who was interested. They're capable of paying that sum. If the sole interested party was Granada FC you'd probably get 725k from him. So the only way to sell players is to play them, to increase their reputation so clubs capable of paying their market value would come in. However it is not how transfer market in real life works. Arsenal sold Theo Walcott, a marginal player they tried to get rid off, to Everton for 20m, they didn't get this fee by playing him first team for half a season. Thauvin had a terrible season in Newcastle, and Newcastle managed to sell him back to OM for something around 10m (just one or two seasons ago they signed him from OM for 15m). You don't see clubs submitting 625k offers for a 28m player because he's on transfer list irl. The game engine on transfer has its flaws. It is far from realistic and it should be pointed out.
  4. Signed Srdjan Babic for 1M, gave him a lot of game time, at the end of the first season his value was 28M so I transfer-listed him. The highest offer I received from interested clubs (there are plenty of them) is 2.4M including add-ons. In this version it is virtually impossible to sell any transfer-listed players above or even close to their value. In my case I sold him to Napoli for 20M at the end, but most of the major interested clubs are making offers as low as 625K, for a player valued at 28M, I mean really. The only way to sell players is to give them a lot of game time and try to attract interest so you can sell them without transfer-listing them. Sometimes you could actively sell a player and still got something around his value, if you managed to draw the interests from big clubs. If you don't best you could do is taking them off the list and playing them, and wait for next transfer window.
  5. I mean really. Selling mediocre player A for a really decent price, fans unhappy because he's a "useful rotational player". Releasing mediocre player B who has the highest wage in the team, fans still unhappy because he's a "useful squad player". Selling players has been very hard this version and fans being unhappy about virtually every sale certainly doesn't help. As long as the player you released/sold has two stars on their ratings the fans are unhappy about the sale.
  6. What you're saying makes sense but I'd really love to see a poacher coming deep like a false nine and then attacking from the deep position, that may not be the most effective way to utilize the player but the idea is interesting. What I'm wondering is if I could achieve this by giving the player two contrasting traits, will the two traits cancel out each other?
  7. What happens when a player has the traits "get into opposition area" and "arrive late in opponent area" at the same time? For example, I want my poacher to be more mobile, withdrawing from the box and re-entering it when the moment is right (he has very high off the ball and decision attribute). He's already had the PPM get into opposition area, what would happen if he also got "arrive late in opponent area" at the same time?
  8. A few hours ago the game was running perfectly fine, and right now I couldn't even launch it. It always says "application error" and reports crash dump. I started a new save before this happens, but removing the save from the SI file doesn't help. Very frustrated. Wasted me so much time and still can't fix it.
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