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  1. I have used this 4312 or 442 diamond narrow for a long time. I must say the crucial position of this formation is 2 wing back. You have 2 STs to pin down opponent defensive line. With 2 strikers, their defensive shape must be very narrow. Then who will use space in two flanks? The answer is 2 wingback or may be a mezzala. Therefore, your wingbacks must have great pace, workrate and attacking-awareness. They take an important roles both in attacking and defending. From this image, I can say that your wingbacks are not good enough to play in this formation. This heatmap show that your team have to many player in the middle of the field and your wingbacks did not provide width to stretch your opponent defensive line. This is why your team take so many long shot. Find some wingbacks or try to use your player with right role (use them in attacking role like CWB or WB attack) I even use two AF in the font and play fast attacking football and result from counter attack is awesome. This formation is one of my favourite formation and I use it in every version of FM.
  2. I am using the same tactic like you with WestHame except two CM's roles but similar idea, a BWM (defend) and a Mezzala. We are have finished the first half of the season and manage to sit on the 6th. But I am not happy with the AMC's preforming, I want him to be my main creator who can make a lot of chances for my striker and IF, but he created a few chances, got 1 assist and no goal. Can you make a post about how your AMC in your system work?
  3. I am using a Libero in my save with Man Utd at the moment. My formation is: ------------------ Poacher --- False Nine-------------- ------------------------- Enganche ---------------- -------------------CM attack ---- CM support------ ----CWB attack -------------------------------- CWB attack---- ------------------------BPD-----------BPD------------- ------------------------Libero attack------------- ---------------------------------SW------------------------- Actually, we are doing great with this tactic. The libero helps the team more balance in attacking pharse, he steps up and lets two CM go further and join the attack. However, the defensive line still make me confuse. Is it the line between two CB? or is it at the position of the Libero? I am using a normal Denfensive Line right now. Hope someone who uses this role before can give me an answer.
  4. I have a question about player's PA. Is it a fixed number at the new game, or it will change after some time?
  5. I have used 5-2-1-2 formation and have really good result with this. My advice to you is, this formation need two good attacking wingbacks. The most important attribute are crossing and speed. Because this formation doesn't have 2 wingers, 2 WBs must have ability to provide wide when your team in attacking pharse. They will need really good crossing. Also, they must have speed to catch opponent's wingers when dealing with counter-attack. In my opinion, you should go with control mentality or at least standard. Because you have no real DM. If you sit to deeper, your opponent will have a ton of time in the area near your box and you don't have anyone to close them down. Therefore, you should press them in their own half. Three CBs are enough to deal with counter-attack. You can have one CM with defensive mind for more safety. Can you post some shot of your players?
  6. Every formation has weak spots and strong spots. I think the strong spots in this formation is the two wingbacks and the font three. I keep the high defensive line because I want to press them more on the own half. This formation works brilliant in attacking phase, score a lot of goals. I want my team has full control of the match. Let's talk about your problem. When your team lose the ball in attacking phase, i sure your CWB is caught of position, then who will deals with the winger? The HB will and if the winger manage to cross the ball in the middle, there are only 2 CBs are left to deal with it because two CM don't have enough time to move back. 2 CBs are not enough to deal with a striker and an AM (or maybe more). The different between a HB and a CB is, with 3CBs, the center CB won't go out to catch the winger, 3 CBs just keep the d-line, move back and wait for the support of the middle and 2 CWBs. IMO, don't use HB in defensive metality, use them when you want to control the match. In some matchs I use 1 DM and 2 CBs, and when they lose the ball, the DM is caught of out position, leave a ton of space in the back even though I use an Anchor man and I tell him to hold his position. I think that is because they play more aggressive and the DM goes further to help in possesion. That's why I like 3 CBs. 3 CBs and one man in the middle with defensive role is enough to deal with any threat. Actually, I allow more goals by through ball than crosses. Last season my team score 126 and allow 16. You can't lose if you score more goals than them, right? Right now the most formation I face is 4-1-4-1 and the AI even uses 3 CBs and 2 DMs. Thinking of switch to 2 CBs and 1 DM and use more long ball right now.
  7. I can see the problems with this formation are defending two flanks. I use the 5-2-1-2 formation, almost likes yours. Actually, my team has the best goal allow record in the league last 3 seasons with this formation. However, I replace the HB with a BPD (stopper) and play in high defensive line. In the center position, I use one BWM or DLP (De) with an AP(s) or Mezzala depending on which team I face but always has one with more defensive role. When my team loses the ball, if they launch it to the lone striker, my center BPD will come out to deal with it. If not, the one who receive the ball is their winger and I leave he be, Why? Because if he decides to dribble in, my CB will step out. If he decides to cross, my three CB can easily deal with it with their high jumping and heading. That's why I like CBs with high pace to move back quickly to deal with those crosses. Also, you need a SK who can come out in 1vs1 situations.
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