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  1. I hope this is the correct one. benchmark_20_10_2016_21_27_27.log
  2. I´m sorry. I found out how to delete them now (should have read the stickies)... will provide info soon.
  3. Thanks for your help. Hmm... How do you clear cache and preferences (You don´t mean press "clear cache" in preferences?). I remember there was a thread that shows how to do it, but I can´t seem to find it.
  4. I´m experiencing extremely laggy matches in 2D Classic. I have removed retina display, low/very low graphics, no 3d, Software in the preferences. Worked OK on FM16, even though it´s a shame that i can´t play 3D. The "workaround" I have now is to play with 3D, but my fans are making loud noises towards the end of the games. Macbook Pro Retina (Early 2015, 13-inch) 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536MB MacOS Sierra, version 10.12
  5. This is great, Herne. Looking forward to you changes in tactic. Thought McClair was still at Man Utd, but I guess he was booted by van Gaal. I am curious about your striker solution here.
  6. Untick retina-display, set your screen to "windowed", zoom out 95%, graphics quality low/medium. This should help. Remember to restart the game. I notice that you have tried this, though, but it is the best tip for now. I also play the game in 2D now, due to the problems. I play with many leagues (about 20). Could get fans starting when save/loading the game. Sometimes also when the game is processing with many games played. Far from optimal, but works OK. This issue has been discussed and argued about since release, and it seems like it is a problem that it is hard to fix. I believe it is an Apple issue, as many games have the same issue. Hopefully, they will fix it soon.
  7. Same here. Always been positive, still am. But this is a huge problem. Just tried to play now: Looked through my squad, gave some new contracts, pressed continue once, back to inbox. Then the fans start, as well as it got hot. Sometimes I may play a game, but then I have to quit afterwards...
  8. Oh? Which settings are you using? I tried the workaround Lucas suggested, but no luck. I even turned off 3D.
  9. Is this issue resolved as it is not stickied anymore? Because, as it is now, this game is unplayable on a Macbook Pro 2015 due to the issues in the OP. Surprised it is removed as a sticky, as it is such a well-known issue.
  10. There's a difference in 15 year olds who play in the youth setup, and a 15 year old who plays every week in the top division in an OK league and also for the national team. For a game who seeks to achieve reality I think SI should apply for an exception of the rule. For a player who is in the papers every day, I wouldn't think this should be much of a problem.
  11. And this changed my way of playing FM... After a terrible first half with the season with Arsenal, I have now won 15 matches in a row in the league and won the first leg in the CL semi's due to me being able to be more aware of the strengths of the opponent and also know their weaknesses. Great thread!
  12. I'm struggling to beat a couple of formations. Myself I play a 4231 (CM-CM-AMR-AMC-AML-FC) and I have a hard time trying to break down or dominate the flat 451 tactic. I'm Arsenal and in this instance it's Aston Villa who is the problem. In my head I would look to find the AMC as often as possible and he is also the playmaker of the team. However, the opponent seem to dominate me all game. That is my problem, and I do miss discussions of handling various formations. I look at the game in full, but my players just don't what they're supposed to. I understand why they dominate the middle of the park (them play CMx3 versus my two CM's and an AMC), but I don't understand why they completely dominate me. I'm using the shouts often especially (keep possession, look for overlap and so on). Depends on the situation. The same goes for my strategy. Here I'll post my formation and team instructions:
  13. Also got him... I paid £40m though. He said he wasn't interested all the time, but when I managed to get my bid accepted he was willing to listen to my offer. Praised him, praised Muricy Ramalho and expressed my interest numerous times. Got him in January. Cost me a lot in both transfer value and wages, but definitely worth it.